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Wed Feb 6 18:13:06 2002 UTC (20 years, 3 months ago) by albertel
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- trying to get the cvs stuff to log

# The "commitinfo" file is used to control pre-commit checks.
# The filter on the right is invoked with the repository and a list 
# of files to check.  A non-zero exit of the filter program will 
# cause the commit to be aborted.
# The first entry on a line is a regular expression which is tested
# against the directory that the change is being committed to, relative
# to the $CVSROOT.  For the first match that is found, then the remainder
# of the line is the name of the filter to run.
# If the repository name does not match any of the regular expressions in this
# file, the "DEFAULT" line is used, if it is specified.
# If the name "ALL" appears as a regular expression it is always used
# in addition to the first matching regex or "DEFAULT".

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