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- documentation updates

                          Instructions for Fixing CAPA

You will notice two directories in this CAPA Fix distribution.  The Text 
directory includes all the text files for the original CAPA installation.
These files may have been updated and should replace the old README.txt,
UPGRADE.txt, READMEsecurity.txt, and COPYING files that came with your
original package.  The Binary directory includes all the binaries that need
to be replaced for the fix to occur.

1.)  Update the instructor interface.  Replace the files allcapaid, answers,
grader, manager, quizzer, and qzparse in your DIST51/LinkToBin directory from
your previous install with new ones in UpdateCAPA51/Binaries.  Make sure all 
files have executable permissions.

2.)  Update the student telnet interface.  Replace the teacher/CAPA51/capalogin
file and all of ther capalogin files for other instructors you may have created
with UpdateCAPA/Binaries/capalogin. Make sure they are owned by the appropriate
user and are set uid.  To make capalogin set uid, become the user who owns
the capalogin, cd to the appropriate directory (teacher/CAPA51, etc.) and 
enter the following command:

chmod u+s capalogin

3.)  Update the student web interface.  Replace the files capahtml and webpage
in the the teacher/PublicWeb/CAPA/capa-bin directory with the new ones in
UpdateCAPA/Binaries.  Make sure both of these files are owned by teacher, \
executable, and set uid.  If they are not set uid, then cd to capa-bin as the 
user teacher and enter the following commands:

chmod u+s capahtml
chmod u+s webpage

Now update the capa-bin/teacher/capasbin file with new one UpdateCAPA/Binaries.
This needs to be owned by teacher, executable and set uid also.  If it is not
set uid, then cd to capa-bin/teacher as the user teacher and enter the 
following commands:

chmod u+s capasbin

Make sure to update capasbin for each instructor you added.  Each instructor
must own their own capasbin with must be executable and set uid.  Update each
capasbin in the appropriate directories similar to how you updated teacher's

4.)  Update the README.txt, UPGRADE.txt, READMEsecurity.txt, and COPYING.txt
with the ones you received with the original CAPA 5.1 distribution.


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