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Fri Jul 7 16:14:01 2000 UTC (22 years, 5 months ago) by albertel
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- adding TODO/DONE files

Done for 4.6


         & put 5.0 import function in 4.6
         * Error in student number field: To duplicate this error,  from main
           menu select print, enter a student number, from main menu  select
           Create .dvi - the student number field now contains
         * Quizzer does NOT prompt to set DBHeader when you change  the number
           of questions, then select Create .dvi from the main menu.
         + printing options (in capa.config?) for double sided  printing from
           Quizzer application.
         * Assignment in enscript should have name and CAPA ID at the top.
         * Non-existent units (EX:  kgm) no indication of where error is coming
           from (this is from Ed - not sure if it's capalogin or quizzer.)
         * From Ed - /ANS(unit="kg.m^3",...) hangs the computer.
         * need a warning message that the records/ directory does  not exist
           or cannot be written to.
         * if quiztemp. files are present, and owned by another user (EX:root),
           quizzer will crash - can we catch this one?
         * include/reference file leaves user in wrong directory.
         * Once Save As is invoked, you cannot just Save the file -  you must
         * If you preview and set DB Headers for a group of sets,  and return
           to one with different number of questions, quizzer thinks  you have
           not set the DBHeader.
         * /ANS(-2.34) is not a valid entry - need to have this work correctly.
         + ?Display problem code which ofends quizzer upon parsing?
         * Windows closed with little X in the corner still remain listed on
           the main menu "windows" listing.
         + extend printing dialog to use new capa.config "printer_option"
         * Once Save As is invoked, you cannot just Save the file -  you must
           overwrite it.
         * previewing in quizzer with a setx.db file without anything in it  
           creates a core dump.
         + make a tcl/tk 8.0 version that is stand alone
         + reference file line box, moved to the quizzer window
         + menubar on ref file
         * gotoline error
         + move clock, add got line to main window
         + make paste work for ref files
         + export .dvi file option
         * save ref. file is in wrong dir    
         * need to update main editing windows title when doing a saveAs 
         * Answer Only mode TeX and HTML need to put student info at top 
         + can now find in ref files using the find dialog

         * Grader dumps when grading the last student in a section.  See:
         * Numbers of logins does not reflect weblogx.db
         * Grader does not calculate by point values, just number of 
         + Have grader assign a correct value for all questions in a  set when
           hand grading rather than having to click each question?
         + remove login data and LogSynopsis button from NeXT Grader
         & Also for the list: grader, keep the answer only or Both 
           Q and A as a toggle. currently it always restarts by showing
           Q and A when grading a student. Ed
         + make a tcl/tk 8.0 version that is stand alone
         * creating summary for non-existant set bombs Grader
         * dateX.db slows grader down  

         * TeX files are being generated with hugh amounts of white  
           space - many blank lines
         + Direct output of qzparse to different directory.
         * qzparse -Ta  and -Tb don't produce anything that can be  
         * problems in generating for large sections - 248 students
           gave strange
         * qzparse -Ta  and -Tb don't produce anything that can be latexed.  

         & Unit response: "No unit required" if none specified in /ANS
         + Unit response: rad as m/m and NO unit, ster as m^2/m^2 abd "1"????
         + When a unit is entered and none is required, respond with "Unit
           not required" or something to this effect.
         * Units do not understand "1" ex:  radians/sec
         * The system should be prevented from overwriting anything
           found in the first three lines of the setx.db files.EX:  
           Student number 000000000
         & Set delay time as a capa.config option with 5 sec default value  
         + add submissions log similar to what is in the web portion 
         + instructor defined value for goodbye.msg delay   
         * Can something be done about leaving a session hanging? then opening
           a second and loosing credit when first one is closed at a later time
           (say exit if unatteneded for more that x-minutes in capa.config) 

         + For v.5.0, correct the difference in paths for us and the outside
           world.  The outside world has a very easily accessible /CAPA/ 
         & View previous for web version does not show what unit the number was
           calculated with.
         & Explanations do not show when you view previous for web version.
         * Answer formatting for view previous for web version starts the 
           question number on the same line as the previous question answer
           statement (need <br> in between)
         + show previous answer even when try limit has been reached. currently
           just says "No more tries."
         * Netscape via Mac gives &times instead of proper answer formatting.
         + Exit button should remove data in input fields (can submit button
           do this too?  would solve the refresh problem)     
         & If second browser window is opened upon entering problem set, exit
           button is useless.
         + reload/refresh button should not submit the same answer....
         * "Your student ID or CAPA ID are not listed for the the
            class you have selected.  Please check that you have
            selected the correct class on the CAPA logon page."    

         (10) have more than one printer defined and option to  choose printer
         & Should be able to "echo `pwd` |" right now  it hangs
  to do this.
         4.5 people will get version 1.2, 4.6 will get 1.3        
         (4)  have option to return after each operation (some take  too long!)
              have print set 4:7 option in addition to 1 set
         (2)  capastats: In the summary, the number of students and the
              % should be given.
              Then "Student Entry stats" follow if  you want,
              else return to main menu.   
         + grep submissionsX.db and websubmissionsX.db for a student
           to see what his answers are    

         + specify path to TeX - for differing versions of latex on same

         * The starting set does not work in allpin.EX allpin -s 2 -e 2
           generates for both sets 1 and 2.  Cannot start at a particular set.
         & rename to capaid, create capaID directory with files
         + -d option to specify directory to create files in         

         & scorer4.6 on capa2, NOT kronecker.     
         + understands the str=mc

language (parser)
         + Line continuation character would make code much more legible
              (suggested by tomanek) ????
          & wgt=0 in CAPA v. 4.5
         * /DIS(""") or /DIS(") should cause an error message 
         + Answer formatting:  display to set number of sig figs as opposed to
           decimal places.       
         * Default values for tries=unlimited, wgt=1 even when they are not
           specified in /ANS()     
         + newfunction needed is atan2         
         + Units are not case sensitive.  Variables are not case sensitive. Can
           we change this? (Do we want to change this?)  
         + can we make the tolerance independent of format - use all the
           precision of the variable in /ANS() to calculate the tolerance.  
         * ? Difference in asin() usage in chemsitry - see testing7
           chem_prob06.txt vs usage in set1.qz for testing7.  Why
           doesn't the chem problem give error message? jsut core dumps
           without warning. Other usage gives error message.
         + warning that a numerical answer with zero tolerance exists.
         + Can we catch "No /END() statement found" errors?
         * /IMP more than 32 levels deep has parser seg fault
         + hint inhibator (not allowed to see hint until try X)
         + units spec in /ANS(), allow it to be a variable


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