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Fri Jul 7 16:14:01 2000 UTC (22 years, 5 months ago) by albertel
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- adding TODO/DONE files

Done for 5.0

 5.0    * unseen createDvi window can be be left existing if the error
          window about not be able to find a student is destroyed
          rather than closed
        * If no useful capa.config file in class when started, when giving
	  it a real config file, may try the set the Printer_selected to
          "" causing an error.
 5.0    & different actions occur if you double click versus select open
          out of a tk_getOpenFile
 5.0    & Have title bar show entire path to set file, not just set1.qz
 5.0    & use unmap/deiconfiy, protocal, or wm transient window
          .master to make the window stop flying
 5.0    & report # of replaces that occured
 5.0    & assuming TeXHeader exists
        & no longer sticking blank lines onto the end of files
	& restricted actions when actively printing
 5.0    + Seat # option => ascII file with sn name randomized  seatings from
                     a list for a set  ../phy183f7/seating/a73336318.(set#)
                     use import function to code in set.*
 5.0    + Forgiveness - undo last editing command?
 5.0    + calculate full range of answers possible for given variables.
 5.0    + catch seg faults, emit error message, exit
 5.0    + make some method to read a capa.config file
 5.0    + make the find window accessible from the reference file menubar
        + clicking on filename in an /IMP auto opens that file in a 
          reference file window
	+ if refernce file open and click on link raise window, don't
	  create a second one
	+ Y2K fixes
	+ new date editing mechanism
	+ use datex.db by default
	+ ability to edit HTMLheader/footer
	+ printing section fixes
	+ create New Ref
        o export hint_val into /IMP dialog?

 5.0    + view report after it is created (button on dialog?)
 5.0    + print report after it is created (button on dialog?)
	+ supports modifying active sets
	+ can change # of attempted tries.
        + createDvi to throw error if no set is open
        + ability to print multiple sets easily

 5.0    * ASCII mode appends (should overwrite)
 5.0    + option to printed out text of generated errors 

 ?4.6   * Multiple page in telnet session:  if stdendline occurs in
          ASCII, this can still overwrite the answer field.
	* White space is not a try
	* white space trimmed from ends of responses before grading
 ?4.6   + telnet version view previous does not recognize the multiple pages  
          - overwrites command lines without regard to anything....
 5.0VU  + opion to inhibit the display of the Term Summary button in
	+ term summaries can handle greater than 50 questions
	+ select problems greater than #50
	+ inhibit YN- to just Answered Not Answered
	& superior support of DEL/BackSpace
	+ hints show automatically after the question is gotten right
        + term summary bombs for student with all excuses for a set

 5.0    * make sure the % sign appears for summaries
	* arbitrary sized web pages
	* White space is not a try
	* white space trimmed from ends of responses before grading
 5.0    & "HTMLheader", similar to TeXheader - include <br> as option to
          carriage return or end-of-line (similar to TeX interpretation) 
          Currently inserting too many <br> for each carriage return read.
          Make sure body tag can be inserted here.
 5.0    + add ability to e-mail pins to students
 5.0    + (internal) change w_get_input to return unique error codes
           so better error handling can be done?	
	+ looks for REMOTE_ADDR if REMOTE_HOST is not set, and if not
	  finding that it prints UNKNOWN
 5.0    + link on a per problem basis to the top of the page
 5.0    + add ability to split set into multiple pages
 5.0    + configure option (in capa.config) to control number of problems
          appear on a page
 5.0VU  + opion to inhibit the display of the Term Summary button in
	+ show a subset of the problems
	+ goto arbitrary problem #
	+ can inhibit the generation of <BR>
	+ ability to turn on or off viewing of sets between close and
	  answer sets
	+ print sUu instead of N
	+ link on a per problem basis back to the top
	+ can inhibit display of the entry box
	+ select problems greater than #50
	+ inhibit YN- to just Answered Not Answered
	+ HTMLheader/footer
	+ hints show automatically after the question is gotten right
	+ support /AND /OR
 5.0    (4)  have print SCP report option,
	+ date stamp manager output
	+ calculate grade ditribution


	+ can specify sections

	+ reimplemented, and much better
	+ no longer uses an internal parser, minimizes the effect of
	  the memory leaks
        + Look for SN based on last name "1. student xxx #=   2.student yyy #=
          do you want to choose one? y/n
        + ability to exit at any point in time. 

language (parser)
 5.0    * /END() causes syntax error.
 5.0    * string addition has limit of 512 characters
 5.0    * strings longer than 1024 characters cause buffer overruns in /LET
	& sqrt() throws error on negative arguments
 5.0    + an OR answer format, string matching with multiple strings
          as possible right answers
          /ANS() /OR
          /ANS() /AND
 5.0    + many, many requests for true looping if/then, while/do,  et cetera.
 5.0    + handle CR/LF (DOS garbage)
 5.0    + a reverse map function (/RMAP())
 5.0    + a warning/error system, log warnings to a warning structure
          in which a warning "type" is encoded
 5.0    + warnings dealing with interger division
 5.0    o specfiy whether tolerance is for nonformatted or formatted answer
 5.0VU  + option to inhibt the display of whether the student is
          correct/incorrect (exam=on in /ANS()) (this should change the
          question summary to instead of displaying -,Y,N to instead 
          display -,A (not answered, answered)
 5.0VU  + option to inhibt the display of the entry box, this would only 
          apply to the web version so that the question coder could create
          drop down select box or other input method
	+ seat_number()
 5.0    + allow exponentiation to work on things other than units
 5.0VU  + the text between the last /ANS() and /END() should be printed.
          (maybe have it be part of the end text struct?)
 5.0VU  + timed entry to answer in
 5.0    + subjective questions
 5.0    & Improve error notification of the things that randomly pop out
          (e.g. extra characters after the close double quotes in a
	  /IMP) (parsings args, and after ) in /WHILE())
        + get_seed(), set_seed()
        + faster lexer breaks when running loops
        + text after /WHILE() isn't properly parsed

	 & verified to work with 300 question sets

5.0 "Manager", program to help mangage? Runs,
    scorer, etc 

    2) sends e-mail to professor asking to get a new assignment printed

Automate adding e-mails to classl file
       -need to have Ed talk to computer center people

A website that helps instructors put together problems, it could have
hints and tips for doing common things in CAPA (how to fake an if,
etc.) a FAQ for new people, maybe a place that instructors can enter
their own tips in.

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