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Wed Dec 13 17:15:54 2000 UTC (21 years, 11 months ago) by albertel
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CVS tags: version_2_9_X, version_2_9_99_0, version_2_9_1, version_2_9_0, version_2_8_X, version_2_8_99_1, version_2_8_99_0, version_2_8_2, version_2_8_1, version_2_8_0, version_2_7_X, version_2_7_99_1, version_2_7_99_0, version_2_7_1, version_2_7_0, version_2_6_X, version_2_6_99_1, version_2_6_99_0, version_2_6_3, version_2_6_2, version_2_6_1, version_2_6_0, version_2_5_X, version_2_5_99_1, version_2_5_99_0, version_2_5_2, version_2_5_1, version_2_5_0, version_2_4_X, version_2_4_99_0, version_2_4_2, version_2_4_1, version_2_4_0, version_2_3_X, version_2_3_99_0, version_2_3_2, version_2_3_1, version_2_3_0, version_2_2_X, version_2_2_99_1, version_2_2_99_0, version_2_2_2, version_2_2_1, version_2_2_0, version_2_1_X, version_2_1_99_3, version_2_1_99_2, version_2_1_99_1, version_2_1_99_0, version_2_1_3, version_2_1_2, version_2_1_1, version_2_1_0, version_2_12_X, version_2_11_X, version_2_11_4_uiuc, version_2_11_4_msu, version_2_11_4, version_2_11_3_uiuc, version_2_11_3_msu, version_2_11_3, version_2_11_2_uiuc, version_2_11_2_msu, version_2_11_2_educog, version_2_11_2, version_2_11_1, version_2_11_0_RC3, version_2_11_0_RC2, version_2_11_0_RC1, version_2_11_0, version_2_10_X, version_2_10_1, version_2_10_0_RC2, version_2_10_0_RC1, version_2_10_0, version_2_0_X, version_2_0_99_1, version_2_0_2, version_2_0_1, version_2_0_0, version_1_99_3, version_1_99_2, version_1_99_1_tmcc, version_1_99_1, version_1_99_0_tmcc, version_1_99_0, version_1_3_X, version_1_3_3, version_1_3_2, version_1_3_1, version_1_3_0, version_1_2_X, version_1_2_99_1, version_1_2_99_0, version_1_2_1, version_1_2_0, version_1_1_X, version_1_1_99_5, version_1_1_99_4, version_1_1_99_3, version_1_1_99_2, version_1_1_99_1, version_1_1_99_0, version_1_1_3, version_1_1_2, version_1_1_1, version_1_1_0, version_1_0_99_3, version_1_0_99_2, version_1_0_99_1, version_1_0_99, version_1_0_3, version_1_0_2, version_1_0_1, version_1_0_0, version_0_99_5, version_0_99_4, version_0_99_3, version_0_99_2, version_0_99_1, version_0_99_0, version_0_6_2, version_0_6, version_0_5_1, version_0_5, version_0_4, stable_2002_spring, stable_2002_july, stable_2002_april, stable_2001_fall, loncapaMITrelate_1, language_hyphenation_merge, language_hyphenation, conference_2003, bz6209-base, bz6209, STABLE, HEAD, GCI_3, GCI_2, GCI_1, CAPA_5-1-6, CAPA_5-1-5, BZ4492-merge, BZ4492-feature_horizontal_radioresponse, BZ4492-feature_Support_horizontal_radioresponse, BZ4492-Support_horizontal_radioresponse
- fixed problem with factorials wrapping around

Identify BUGS  vs changes by *
         Changes by &
         New features by +
         Thoughts by o
         ? denotes it might be fixed but is untested

        * bombs when checking DBHeader for multiple section printing
!       * file handle leak in capa_get_section_dates
        * remove double update of colors
        * only shows one formula of /AND
        * reread capa.config broken
        * cancel saveAs didn't
        * undo doesn't update modified status
        * huge deletes take forever
        + StopAnalyze kills answers
        + stop createDvi
        + status of parsing
        + can have zero problem set.db files
        + be able to find in the Preview etc. windows
        + have quizzer complain if any aspect of the set.db file is
          different from the just previewed set, (weight, hgr option)
        + ability to stop parser
        + color comments
        + color selection box
        + move Specified, printing op down some, auto select it when
          adding text to the specified command
        + allow DBHeader to work when there are 0 problems
        + move main window edit menu to main window
        + visual id that the file is changed
        + preview allows name to be typed in
        + printing doesn't check if set.qz is saved before printing
        + right click on /IMP will bring up menu with open, include,
        + analyze set - # uniq answers
        + analyze set - zero line
        + some way to delete files
        + disable color updates during replaceAll (and make replace
        + understands capadiscuss, creates directories
        + if answers available before due, instructor notified by a
          display message
        + doesn't open the same file twice even if the paths are
        + hyperlink the error msg window
        + default try_val, prob_val
        + save As reference file with an IMP of ../etc, and double
          clicking will open a copy
        + limit stunum in preview window to 9 characters
        + analyze set second dimension, frequency of response
        + analyze set - string answers, see alphabetical listing of
          strings and frequency
        & changed the fdefault to not allow viewing between due and answer
        o fix file dialog to display more entries vertically for default

        * Excuse HGR broken with new slider
        * can delete Ys, if student achieves Y while being graded
        * subj. grade little window on nonexistant set/problem
	* subjective grading didn't ignore blank lines in classl
      4 * subj. grading would change other non 'Y' grades to a - 
        + fix find by name/number to work like managerish
        + can't go back to - in grading
        + line up buttons and answers
        + make the output file specifiable
        + subjective, saves after every student
        + can't kill the little window in grade subjective, must
          cleanly exit
	+ moved graders actions to main menu
        + made create class summary available in both grader and manager
        + subjective grading, word count added
        + subjective grading, e-mail messages back (allow variables in
          message, $first_name $last_name $score)
        + subjective grading, keywords
        + subjective grading, check for new files on restore
        & hgr is not pretty

!       * header check didn't take into account -c option
        * TeX answer only, uses /START text if available as header
        * Massive internal cleanup
        + option, -nopagebreak, inhibts puttin \newpage, between
        + use \clearpage instead of \newpage
        + control format of answer only output

        * zero as an answer will bark when a sig fig limitation is set.
      4 * rad -> deg coversion is broken  
        + make submission file creation an option
        + if a set isn't open it shouldn't be shown on the summary screen
        + error message when letters given in response to numerical question

capaweb (see also capalogin)
      4 * submissions string was incorrectly removing the tabs
        * bugs with blank question bodies
        * subjective passdue submissions allowed
        * view previous for subjective answers bombs
        + make submission file creation an option
        + Next link like Top link
        + removed Next / Top links, do in Problem#
        + equation answers use text window (Actually a large input box)
        + [class,emailid,etc] can have the class specified that is
          default (class.html?CLASS=phy183f9)
        + generates a discuss button automatically
	+ able to generate progress estimates (java code)
        + if a set isn't open it shouldn't be shown on the summary screen
        + word count button for subjective
        + error message when letters given in response to numerical question

        * capastat treated a 0 as if it were a yes
      4 * capastat2 doesn't work if logX.db doesn't exist
      4 * capastat2 incorrect title on graphs
        + concept decoder improvements, can have the same text be both
          correct and incorrect
        + item correlation, set selection, looks at classpath for
        + summerize logfiles needs to support A
	+ display some statistics abut discussion forum
        + select set to look like select section
        + resizes picture window for picture size
        + e-mail all students an e-mail
        + date based subset of scores
        + put old e-mail functions back in
        + unrandomize includes unpicked leaves
      4 & capastats2 - more informative name    

        * Pause/Quit in Scorer don't work properly
!       * No stunum on bubble sheet no stu# in set file
      4 * Pick highest score actually picked lowest score
        + accounting, which answers were selected (parse question text
          and output string they selected)
        + adding question updates listbox position
        + scorer -first time run- don't yell about new scorer.output file
        + detects and allows fixing of multiple mark errors

        + xdvi config option
        + easy get to capa.config from quizzer

        + overlapping date ranges don't work as might be expected

        + can generate capaidplus information, -plus option
        + can generate open/due/answer information
        + change to allow sets based on datex.db files
        + use class.conf

classl editor
        + Created
        + classl titlebar updates properly
        + dropped section
        + merge new classlist in

        ? can 3+5 be open &!4
        + discussion not available until open
        + hide count of hidden messages
        + allow html
        + banning

language (parser)
 5.0?   * are spaces ok in the /MAP() ?
      4 * -(-17)*-a^-4 now works and is intrepreted properly
      4 * -x^2 now == -(x^2)
!       * nested /IF bug (which required all /ELSE)
      4 * /AND ans with two mc strings is broken
        * /MAP() segfaults when variable being mapped from is undefined
        * /MAP(seed;a;-1) puts 1 in a
        * function "+4x" doesn't work
        * undefined variables used as test conditions bomb
        * in formulas negation was more important than power
      4 * factorial of 13-19 assumed 64 bit integers, however this isn't often
          the case
        + /VERB /ENDVERB
        + new functions is_open(), is_due(), is_answer()
        + functions is_open(), is_due(), is_answer(), due_date(),
          open_date(), answer_date(), capa_id(), capa_id_plus() all
          can take an argument which specifies which set the
	  information is for
        + string answers are \begin{verbatim}\end{verbatim}
        + short records in the db are grown to be the expected length
        + extra long records work
        + array_max(),array_min(),array_moments() all of which take an array's
          name as an argument
        + managermode()
        + unit/unit == 1
        + new random functions for non uniform distributions: Normal,
          Beta, Poisson, Chi, Non-central Chi, Exponential, Gamma
        + new function to reset array init_array()
        + verbatim=off in /ANS() removes \begin{verbatim}
          \end{verbatim} from around string answers
      4 + random_multivariate_normal

Internal Cleaning
        * undeclared variables as argmunets to function (set_string)
          blow up
        + rewritten array functionality

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