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Tue Apr 23 22:33:03 2002 UTC (20 years, 7 months ago) by albertel
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- more stuff todo

In general, organize comments by modules,
Identify BUGS  vs changes by *
         Changes by &
         New features by +
         Thoughts by o
         ? denotes it might be fixed but is untested

        * Copy with nothing selected hangs up x-windows Quizzer
        * weirdnesses occur when trying the scroll the window, and highlight
          text while scrolling in the window
      . * errors with datex.db come back as file not exist messages
      . * errors writing to the records dir could be more informative
          about what isn't writable
        & make the preview a vaild TeX/HTML file
        & make it possible to answer all dialogs with keystrokes 
        + GUI......To include Tools/MCtools/Labeling/Units........
        + ? On-line help?
        + font menu, bigger, smaller, (choose font?)
        + new main editing window that doesn't show import code, just a 
          listing of the imported files and their settings
        + save configuration options to the ${HOME}/.quizzerrc
        + preview a section's .dvi file
        + utilize the planned new warning/error system and allow
          people to switch off unwanted warnings
        + detect when a student LaTeX paper goes to 3 pages.
        + continuous update of what the set looks like
        + print by student (staple)
        o generate errors on the fly
        + throw warnings when set.db files are strange (non standard)
        + create class summaries for a specifiable range of sections
          and sets
        + class summaries, reduce duplicated code
        + subjective grading, see responses for previous numerical
        + subjective grading, check if Stu id already has score
        + hgr all students one question
        + ability to specify what the generated report looks like
        + a way to easily deal with missed exams
        + Save -> Next
        + grade by CODE
        + see submissions

        * memory leak (minor now)
        * fix -H option so that it works (output can be viewed with a browser)
        + don't seg fault on malformed options
      . + options to print in alphabetical order, (maybe options to select
          how many students to print at a time, and the sorting order?)

        & For summaries:  set/weighted percentages per capa.config file(s)
        + Option on student number length - several requests for this.( do it
          on a per student basis.)
        + support Anon Quiz (ask for code off of quiz)
        + :P view previous subjective
        + equation answers use editor (ans=long)
        + support external exe option
        + submissions should put something other than 0 for ungraded
          subjective responses

capaweb (see also capalogin)
        * dealing with numeric and formula answers are wrong in
          generating ans boxes
        & For summaries: Output set weighted percentage as per capa.config file
        + login screen option to view your grade or any other ascii text file
          generated for a particular student - individual text files which
          can be formatted for viewing by student logged in.
        + make the web page header something generated in HWTop (the series
          of buttons would need functions like problem() to generate them)
          this may also need/want a transitions page to be generated? (Grading
          answers . . . Please wait. [Reload]), maybe instead have functions
          like server_name(), menu_value(), etc, and write some standard
          web() routines to mimic the already occuring header.
        + remove the genration of as much html as possible
        + a "FastWeb" option (display just the first 10 -20 words of problem
          instead of all of the Web stuff) maybe just the first line of the 
          capalogin version?
        + support Anon Quiz (ask for code off of quiz)
        + find Student Numb, based on CODE
        + some way to add buttons to the main menu
        + view past submissions button?
        + support external exe option
        + allow instructors to be able to project other student's grades
        + extrapolator, ignore non-open sets
        + extrapolator, hide unused elements
        + extrapolator, add an "other" category
        * printing one student, for multiple students in a row, doesn't work.

        * get rid of status display if printing has problems
        * SCP records longer than they should be cause problems
        + inclusion of ascii character file in e-mail utility.
        + group of problems correlation
        + throw warnings when weird things occur in set files 
        + store correspondance with student, and display it in SCP
        + grade dist
        + allowing selecting sections for capastats, item correlation,
          item analysis
        + pause or stop for analyze scorer output
        + rebuild set.db from log files, save set.db Ys into new set.db
        + put set number in report files
        + choose font for bargraph
        + allow for 3 out of 6 to be either correct, incorrect, or .5
          correct when generating related stats
        + 2-d graph plots of score on setx vs setY, problems X vs Y 
        + commandline generate graphs
        + sort view submissions by prob# 
        + break multiple submissions into single submissions visaully
        + unseperate telnet/web submissions
        + mean and mode in capastats (make sure ignore blank records)
        + capa.config editor

        + documentation, add text to help buttons
        + add ability to set scoring mechanism on a question by question
        + new type, not hgr can have zero pts, (one_of_8 changed)
        + give an average for the set
        + improved handling of errors
        + resume scoring, don't trash scorer.output file
        + status bar on how many to go
        + allow student access to what they bubbled on the exam/quiz 
           "stunum capaid+ what_bubbled paper_#"
        + large number of matches (more than 6), give option of
          skipping or pick stunum, name, CODE from list of possibles
        + find students that use the same CODE (cheating)

Tools and MCtools
        & Glabel code for random labeling: better way to implement? (via 
          capa.config, an addition to quizzer)

        + check that programs that are referenced actually exist

        + dates on a per student basis

	+ edit message
        + threaded
        + non-problem forum

language (parser)
        * should use local functions to generate date strings (thus it will
           localize better)
        * for 0F format, output 90. not 90
     !  * /IF (flag) breaks
        & allow code to internally support an arbitrary number of problems
          (most problems are in the wgt/pcr arrays and in the file handling 
        & Make /DIS() in /HIN as useful as normal /DIS()
        + /ANS() contains a test condition, student supplies variables with
          values, i.e. student supplies a,b,c; test whether ax+by+cz=0
        + table(2,3,"a","b",1,2,tex("a","b"),var2) will create pretty tables 
          no matter if parsing TeX, HTML or enscript
        + 2nd hint button?
        + some way to add arbitry buttons to capalogin/capahtml to
          support things like viewing of text files
        + file reading limitations in supporting more than 300 problems
        + allow comments in classl
        + capa_get_entry can create two student records
        + first_name()
        + CR/LF problems
        + to_string() to work like /DIS()
        + to_string to create same output as /DIS does
        + /RQO 1+2~3,4!
        + text after /WHILE() isn't properly parsed
        + order() organizes characters in string in order
        + extra long answers need to be caught and warned
        + machine_name()
        + support weights > 9
        + add error detection for when weights are set to invalid values
        + /MAP(seed;out;in;num_ins_to_outs_to_map) (map subset, rest get
          straight copy)
        + missing /ENDIF needs to throw error letting know where unmatched
          /IF is.
        + /AND order indiscriminate option
        + byte-code compiler
	+ array_sort(), finish array_index() array_sorted_index()
        + error line #'s off by 1 when at the end of line
        o have random seed based on stu num, set num, and prob num
        o have the system figure out the correct sig fig limitations
        o support complex numbers

Internal Cleaning
      ! * the third line isn't ignored when setting entries in setX.db
        * fix the problems with long (>64) answers
        & splice capa_parse and capa_parse_student together
        & static alloc in active log update and read_capa_config
        & MAX_PROB_CNT, file reads use fixed buffer
        & capaweb gather() needs to look at a_idx
        & make registerCreateImport Links work when multiple inserts
          occur in a row.
        + change the bargraph generater to take -option value pairs
          and maybe some of the temp buffer limits.
        o move on to 8.2 with Img

!!Keywords in problem files, so that searches for problem types can be
done. (Find all Boltzman problems . . ) And a program to do this.

6.0 Installation script that is gui based - guide the first time user  
through setting up parameters in capa.config.

6.0 automate adding classes (would need to be a tool that was suid root,
user addition and all)

better diagram of the file structure of where everything needs to be.

Web page to give the student a pdf version.

a command line utility to create set.db and date.db files from the set.qz files

5.0~ a java app to display generalized vector graphics (and extend Quizzer to
make it easy ish to create problems for this utility)

6.0 start using the HTML equation spec instead of the current gif method

5.0+ a web method of doing the Library problem addition.

5.0+ Tool to make a whole library printable

Make a single depository of all problems

Track statistics on how often problems get used in homeowrks, exams, quizzes.

add a reports directory for manager data to auto save to

webpage needs list of libraries/and coditions to receive them

document where all log info can be found, fill in any holes.

CAPA-Code: Simplify: Equation files, labeling tool, Matching/Ranking

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