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[DIR] api/        
[DIR] build/        
[DIR] cbi/        
[DIR] comics/        
[DIR] demo/        
[DIR] distributions/        
[DIR] gutshtml/        
[DIR] hardware/        
[DIR] help/        
[DIR] homework/        
[DIR] icons/        
[DIR] install/        
[DIR] interface/        
[DIR] latex/        
[DIR] lib/        
[DIR] loncapafiles/        
[DIR] lonnavdocs/        
[DIR] man/        
[DIR] otherfiles/        
[DIR] packaging/        
[DIR] plot/        
[DIR] processes/        
[DIR] rat/        
[DIR] scripts/        
[DIR] techtips/        
[DIR] templates/        
[DIR] tutorial/        
[TXT] Handout2002.DOC 1.2 12 years foxr Fix some figure references, typo and grammar in the section on read/loadmap.
[TXT] krb_note.txt 1.4 21 years harris41 missing space character
[TXT] permissions.txt 1.2 21 years harris41 fixing samba glitch description
[TXT] 1.1 22 years harris41 a bootstrapping script that helps add a domain coordinator
[TXT] window_handling.txt 1.4 22 years harris41 sketching out the window handling API
[TXT] handout.DOC 1.1 22 years www Workshop Handout May 22

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