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Current directory: [LON-CAPA] / doc / Attic

Current tag: stable_2002_april

File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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[TXT] adding_a_author.txt 1.6 20 years albertel - much newer much improved, shows how todo a kerberos author and unix
[TXT] cluster.html 1.2 22 years ng - stupid change to show how cvs works
[TXT] creating_a_course.txt 1.2 21 years albertel - felicia update
[TXT] creating_a_user.txt 1.2 21 years harris41 there is a bug in adm/createuser but this shouldn't be reflected in documentatio...
[TXT] how_to_domain_coordinator.txt 1.11 20 years harris41 need to instruct on using the funky usermod -G command
[TXT] how_to_install_loncapa_on_a_preinstalled_system.txt 1.7 20 years harris41 DIST=redhat7 not just redhat7.1
[TXT] how_to_install_loncapa_org.txt 1.1 20 years harris41 how to build the web site
[TXT] how_to_install_on_RedHat7.2.txt 1.5 20 years harris41 DIST=redhat7 not just redhat7.1
[TXT] howtoaddusertolonsql 1.2 22 years albertel - figured out the exact text to add a user to mysql
[TXT] mysql_note.txt 1.2 21 years harris41 minor sql command fix for latest version
[TXT] mysql_note_2.txt 1.1 22 years harris41 just a few notes on starting mysqld at boottime
[TXT] permissions 1.1 21 years albertel - new file describing what the permisions should be
[TXT] security.html 22 years albertel
[TXT] security.txt 22 years albertel
[TXT] shortest_path_redhat7.2.txt 1.3 20 years harris41 changing mailing address

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