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- CentOS 6, Fedora 16 and SuSE 12.1 support available with LON-CAPA 2.10.1.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w


=NAME - generate the web pages for the install site


Yeah, it does that.

Basically, there's a few comments in shell.hemp that we replace with
    what we really want in the files. Pretty simple.

The point of this is to look like the main site.


# This is the list of pages to generate: Change this to
# add/subtract/etc. pages. Index is done seperately.
# Title, source

my @longlifecycle = (
              ['CentOS Linux 6 Install','centos6_install'],
              ['CentOS Linux 5 Install','centos5_install'],
              ['Scientific Linux 6 Install','scientific6_install'],
              ['Scientific Linux 5 Install','scientific5_install'],
              ['Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Install','RHEL6_install'],
              ['Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Install','RHEL5_install'],
              ['Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Install','RHEL4_install'],
              ['SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Install', 'sles11_install'],
              ['SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Install', 'sles10_install'],
              ['SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 Install', 'sles9_install'],
              ['Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server', 'ubuntu10LTS_install'],
              ['Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server', 'ubuntu8LTS_install'],

my @shortlifecycle = (
              ['Fedora 16 Install', 'F16_install'],
              ['Fedora 15 Install', 'F15_install'],
              ['Fedora 14 Install', 'F14_install'],
              ['Fedora 13 Install', 'F13_install'],
              ['Fedora 12 Install', 'F12_install'],
              ['Fedora 11 Install', 'F11_install'],
              ['Fedora 10 Install', 'F10_install'],
              ['SuSE Linux 12.1 Install', 'suse12.1_install'],
              ['SuSE Linux 11.4 Install', 'suse11.4_install'],
              ['SuSE Linux 11.3 Install', 'suse11.3_install'],
              ['SuSE Linux 11.2 Install', 'suse11.2_install'],
              ['SuSE Linux 11.1 Install', 'suse11.1_install'],
my @ancillary = (
              ['Upgrading from Previous LON-CAPA install', 'upgrade'],
              ['LON-CAPA License (Gnu Public License)', 'license']

my @other_pages = ( 
		    ['Developer Information', 'dev'],
		    ['Configuration Information', 'config'],

open SHELL, '<', "shell.html";
my $shell = join '', <SHELL>;
$shell =~ s/\r/\n/g;

# Call with: The title, breadcrumb, and content
sub replaceText {
    my ($title, $links, $breadcrumb, $content) = @_;

    my $page = $shell;
    $page =~ s/\<!-- *title *--\>/$title/g;
    $page =~ s/\<!-- *links *--\>/$links/g;
    $page =~ s/\<!-- *breadcrumb *--\>/$breadcrumb/g;
    $page =~ s/\<!-- *content *--\>/$content/g;

    return $page;

# Do the index page

open INDEX, '>', "index.html";
my $content = <<PRELUDE; 

<p>LON-CAPA is based upon a lot of Open Source modules, so it's
important to have the right environment on your computer. This is most
easily done by installing on a dedicated machine while installing the
operating system.</p>

<p>The configuring of LON-CAPA is part of the install process of the
software. However, in case something needs to be altered, or isn't
working, here is some <a href="config.html">information on configuring

<hr />
<h3>Supported Linux Distros</h3>

$content .= '<p>LON-CAPA is supported on a variety of Linux distributions.</p>'."\n".
             '<p>In the list below these are divided into distros with a long
life cycle, i.e., those for which a particular version is supported by the distributor for 5 years or more, and those with a short life cycle, i.e., those for which a particular version is supported for up to 18 months.</p>'.     
            '<div style="float: left;">'.
            '<b>Long life cycle</b><br />'.
for (@longlifecycle) {
    $content .= "<li><a href='$_->[1].html'>$_->[0]</a></li>\n";
$content .= '</ul></div>'."\n".
            '<div style="float: left;">'.
            '<b>Short life cycle</b><br />'.
for (@shortlifecycle) {
    $content .= "<li><a href='$_->[1].html'>$_->[0]</a></li>\n";
$content .= '</ul></div><br clear="all" />'."\n".
            '<b>Additional information</b><ul>'."\n";
for (@ancillary) {
    $content .= "<li><a href='$_->[1].html'>$_->[0]</a></li>\n";
$content .= '</ul><br />';

my $testing_content = '';
if (@testing_pages) {
    $testing_content .= "<hr/><p>Installation on the following systems requires the use of a testing release of LON-CAPA.</p>\n";
    $testing_content .= "<ul>\n";
    for (@testing_pages) {
	$testing_content .= "<li><a href='$_->[1].html'>$_->[0]</a></li>\n";
    $testing_content .= "</ul>\n";

$content .= <<"POSTLUDE";
<hr />
<a name="download" />
<h3>Downloading LON-CAPA</h3>

<b>Current Production Release is Version LATESTVERSION.
This version was released on LATESTDATE.</b>
You can download the <b>most current production version of LON-CAPA</b> at
<a href=""></a>
<b>Current Testing Release is Version LATESTTESTINGVERSION.
This version was released on LATESTTESTINGDATE.</b>
You can download the <b>testing version of the upcoming LON-CAPA</b> at
<a href=""></a>

<hr />

open(RELEASE, '<', "release.frag");
$content .= join('',<RELEASE>);

$content .= "<ul>\n";
my @testing_pages = ( 
for (@other_pages) {
    $content .= "<li><a href='$_->[1].html'>$_->[0]</a></li>\n";

$content .= "</ul>\n";

$links='<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="CVS RSS" href="loncapa.rss" />';

my $index = replaceText("Install LON-CAPA", $links, "Install LON-CAPA",

print INDEX $index;
close INDEX;

# Build the pages
for (@longlifecycle,@shortlifecycle,@ancillary,@other_pages,@testing_pages) {
    my ($title, $source) = @$_;

    # read in content
    open SOURCE, '<', $source.'.frag';
    $content = join '', <SOURCE>;
    close SOURCE;

    $content = replaceText($title, '', '<a href="/">Install LON-CAPA</a> &gt; ' . $title,
    open DEST, '>', $source.'.html';
    print DEST $content;
    close DEST;

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