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Some corrections.

----- First checkout a clean version of lon-capa that has just the tth module

cvs -d co loncapa
cd loncapa
cvs -d co modules
cd modules
rm -r [adfgjmprs]* cbi_scripts
cd ../..

----- Set the new tag

cvs tag version_2_6_X

----- bump the version

cd loncom/build

# only do this if version_2_6_X is not yet a branch
cvs tag -F -b version_2_6_X Makefile

cvs update -d -r version_2_6_X Makefile
vi Makefile
# change CVS_HEAD to
cvs commit Makefile
cd ../..

----- backport the Groups commenting out

cd loncom/interface

# only do this if version_2_6_X is not yet a branch
cvs tag -F -b version_2_6_X

cvs update -r version_2_6_X

cvs diff -u -r 1.63 -r | patch
cvs diff -u -r 1.103 -r | patch

cvs commit

cd ../..

----- check that all files are included

cd loncom/build
make build
make tardist
make clean
cd ../..
find -type f > all_files
cat MANIFEST all_files | grep -v CVS | sort | uniq -c | grep -v '^\s*2' > only_one
#read through only_one and add missing files to the loncapafiles.lpml

----- build the tarball

cd loncom/build
make build
scp <where the release notes are> ../../README
make tardist
cd ../..
scp loncapa-
cd /home/loninst/public_html/versions/

# install the tarball on test machines, when things break patch,
# move the version_2_6_X tag and repeat the above until the tarball is good.

----- Announce it

# tag with final release tag
cd loncapa
cvs tag version_2_5_99_0

# update the release fragment
cd loncapa/doc/build
vi release.frag
cvs commit release.frag

ssh -l root
cd /home/loninst/public_html/versions
# if this is a testing release
   echo 'November 30 2007' > LATEST-TESTING-IS-
   rm loncapa-testing.tar.gz
   ln -s loncapa- loncapa-testing.tar.gz

# else if this is a full release
   rm LATEST-*
   echo 'November 30 2007' > LATEST-IS-2.6.0
   rm loncapa-testing.tar.gz
   rm loncapa-current.tar.gz
   ln -s loncapa-2.6.0.tar.gz loncapa-current.tar.gz

# rebuild website
su loninst

# check that looks right
# send email to lon-capa-announce, lon-capa-admin

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