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[TXT] BT_documentation.doc 1.3 16 years rezaferry Modified BT_documentation, added a chapter on colorful editor.
[TXT] CSE_101_BT_documentation.doc 1.1 16 years rezaferry Created the documentation for the .task file and the CSE 101 bt file. Both are i...
[TXT] LON-CAPA.developers.manual.lyx 1.1 20 years bowersj2 Using CVS as FTP... ;-P Intending to work on this file on my home system; will ...
[TXT] UserGuide.odt 1.1 16 years albertel - adding Phil Fazios student user guides
[TXT] UserGuide.pdf 1.1 16 years albertel - adding Phil Fazios student user guides
[TXT] author.manual.texxml 1.19 10 years raeburn - Replace terms: "Construction Space" with "Authoring Space" for consistency w...
[TXT] build_course_guide.tex 1.13 14 years bisitz - Consistent Wording: Course Editor (used to be "Edit Course") - Updated transla...
[TXT] build_exam_guide.tex 1.16 13 years raeburn - Bug 5853. scantron -> bubblesheet.
[TXT] 1.1 18 years albertel - set of commands to build the build_*_guide.tex to pdf files
[TXT] codingmath.tex 1.2 15 years riegler replaced example for mathresponse with one easier to digest
[TXT] course.manual.texxml 10 years raeburn - For 2.11 - Backport 1.37
[TXT] developer.manual.texxml 1.6 14 years hauer edited all chat / Chat => chat room, one entry in for chatroom and ad...
[TXT] domain.manual.texxml 1.12 12 years raeburn - Title updated for sub-section.
[TXT] 1.3 20 years bowersj2 Botched previous commit; needed to be a bit higher.
[TXT] 1.12 12 years raeburn - Prevent errors being reported about missing files in the label hash during the...
[TXT] 1.19 18 years www Impossible to debug without log and tex file
[TXT] 1.1 21 years bowersj2 This commit implements the .tex-based online help system in LON-CAPA. It may be ...
[TXT] 1.3 20 years bowersj2 Seems to fix bug 1649. It seems that for a given Apache child, the first run of...
[TXT] 1.12 18 years www Bug #4015: Inserted garbage characters into TeX file for every new subsection.
[TXT] 1.4 15 years raeburn - Add domain manual.

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