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	\LARGE \bf
	Assement/Survey Interface
\section{Student Interfaces}
	\item Unproctored survey interface: recorded, limited/unlimited tries, optional time limits, login required (Data should only be allowed to be seen stripped of identifying information, may be limited to ``Fixed'' and  ``Subjective Free-Form'' answer types.)
	\item Unproctored sample interface: unrecorded, unlimited tries, no time limits, no login required (maybe no class association required?)
	\item Unproctored practice interface: minimal record-keeping, unlimited or limited tries, possible calandar or duration limits, login required
	\item Unproctored homework interface: deatailed records, limited number of tries, optional calandar and duration limits, login required
Each interface must also allow
	\item static graphics for both problems and responses
	\item weights on a per problem part and problem basis
	\item hints and help pages can be added
	\item disabling of hints and help pages
	\item allow data extraction through a documented interface
	\item time based limits must be configurable on a per course, per section, and per student basis
	\item number of tries must be configurable on a per course, per section, and per student basis
	\item generic identification of MSU-enrolled students. (Expected to use PIDS)
	\item all interfaces should support purely electronic grading (?)
	\item Support mutiple answer types as one problem (all or nothing)

\section{Fixed Answer Format}
These all come down to supporting a string response which is compared
against the ``correct'' answer by respecting or ignoring, case, and
order; these will need sutibale intefaces placed on top of this
comparison mechanism so as to make it simple for a student to answer
in the proper format.
	\item True/Sometime True/False
	\item Multiple Choice (one or more choices true)
	\item Ranking
	\item Matching
	\item Fill in the blanks from a list of possible of words
	\item Fill in the blank (type in something exactly)
\section{Numerical Format}
Equal by value; needs to support these qualifiers
	\item error range specificed by percentage, value, or functionally
	\item significant figures
	\item units, with/without prompting, with/without spaces
\section{Matematical Expression Support}
Mathmatical Expressions need to support three class of restrictions, each of these classes can be allowed or not allowed in a response.
	\item Algebraic Functions
	\item Transcendental Functions
	\item Operators (Sum, Product, Derivative etc.)

Another restriction on how a student can respond is a complexity measure, if answer is ``too complex'' it can be disallowed. This can nominally be thought of a a parse tree depth. A too deep parse can be disallowed.

This answer type should support exact equivalence of any expression, purely numerical or with variables with ability to limit the class of possible responses by using the above categories.

\section{Subjective Free-Form Answer}

A student submits an answer that is graded by a TA or instructor.

\section{Future Directions}
	\item Student manipulation of graphical elments
	\item Student creation of graphical information
	\item Inequalities

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