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Updated this document to include testing of pages, reuse of the same
.problem, sorting, and the student active status.  Also to fix a couple
of typos in the last submission.  This document corresponds to the class
created by Jason Stredwick called Chart Test on the 103 domain on machine

lonchart Test Procedure

        The procedure will show the validity of the lonchart code.  A course 
called Chart Test was created to test the possible scenarios due to course 
creation.  Next a series of false students will take the course.  Each student 
will perform differently.  The number of students will be relate directly to
the number of grade related tests required.  The combination of these two sets 
of tests will ensure the proper output of lonchart.
        The course was designed to test the following: problems in the top 
level sequence, problems in a sequece separated by a subsequence, problems with
parts, reuse of the same problem, using a page, and the correctness of a single
problem resource in general.  The course is laid out beginning with a top 
sequence containing in order, start, problem, sequence, problem, page, problem,
and finish resources.  The subsequence contains two problems.  The first 
problem is a general problem containing a simple numeric response.  The second 
problem contains two parts.  The page contains three problems with two parts, 
but all three problems are the same.
        The chart output should contain three columns.  The first should have 
three problems in it, the second should have three, and the third should have 
six problems.  The headings for these columns should be the title of the 
sequences in which they lie.
        The following table outlines a series of students and their performance
on the homework sets.  Each row in the table represents a student in the 
course.  The combinations of results will test the possible outcomes lonchart 
will handle.  When the table specifies just correct, it means on the first try.

Homework 2 student responses:
username        problem 1                     problem 2 
                                        part1           part2

armadilla       correct                 correct         correct
Bean            skip                    skip            skip
cat             correct(12 tries)       correct         skip
dog             correct(2 tries)        skip            correct
elephant        correct by override     correct after   correct first time
                                          skip first
flamingo        incorrect by override   correct first   correct after skip 
                                          time            first time
gnat            incorrect               incorrect       correct
hippo           excused                 correct         incorrect
iguana          correct second try      incorrect       incorrect
                  after correct by
                  override on first

        For the problems in the top sequence, they will all be correct on first
try, except for bean, who didn't log in.  Also, cat will get problem two and 
three correct on the second try and iguana will be incorrect for problem one. 
        All the problems will be correct on the first try for Homework 3, 
except for the dog which will be correct with the following tries: 121131, and 
cat which will be incorrect on problem one part two, incorrect on problem two 
part two, and correct with two tries on problem one part one.

Expected output:

User Name       Homework 1      Homework 2   Homework 3   Total Solved/
                                                          Total Problems
armadillo       111      3      111      3   111111   6   12 / 12
cat             122      3      *1       2   2.1.11   6   9 / 12
dog             111      3      2 1      2   121131   4   11 / 12
elephant        111      3      +11      2   111111   6   11 / 12
flamingo        111      3      -11      2   111111   6   11 / 12
gnat            111      3      ..1      1   111111   6   10 / 12
hippo           111      3      x1.      1   111111   6   10 / 11
iguana          .11      3      +..      1   111111   6   10 / 12

Expect output for student information:

User Name   Domain   Section   PID         Full Name                         
armadillo   103      1                     armadillo, a a
bean        103      1                     Bean, b b
cat         103      1                     cat, c c
dog         103      1                     dog, d d
elephant    103      1                     elephant, e e
flamingo    103      1                     flamingo, f f
gnat        103      1                     gnat, g g
hippo       103      1         a123332     Hippopatumous II, h h
iguana      103      1         144         iguana, i i
jason       103                a33377721   Stredwick fourth, Jason Michael

        One function of lonchart is to sort students by either username, 
section, or last name.  Once you have downloaded the students for this class,
either when no cache exists or recalculate button has been pressed, sort can 
occur.  Begin by selecting sort by section followed by last name then 
username.  The results for each will be listed below.  For the sake of space,
the grade all the information will be left off except for the username.  
The data below will show the correct username order for each of the sortings.
If you want to check for the whole line to be correct, use the above to tables
by matching them to the appropriate username.

Sort by section:        Sort by last name:      Sort by username:
armadillo               bean                    armadillo
bean                    hippo                   bean
cat                     jason                   cat
dog                     armadillo               dog
elephant                cat                     elephant
flamingo                dog                     flamingo
gnat                    elephant                gnat
hippo                   flamingo                hippo
iguana                  gnat                    iguana
jason                   iguana                  jason

        The last piece of functionality is the student status.  It allows
the list of students to include/exclude based on the selection of Active,
Expired, or Any type of student.  The list of students so far have been 
active only.  To see who is expired, select expired followed by one of the
sorting buttons or the recalculate button.  There will only be one user, dunk.
Select the Any option, and redisplay the list of students again.  This time 
all the students including dunk are displayed.

        This concludes the test of lonchart.  Deviations from the expected 
output show incorrectness in the code.  Please change the expected output for
new formats, conceptual changes, or feature additions.

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