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Tue Oct 9 19:27:54 2001 UTC (20 years, 10 months ago) by harris41
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adding in rh7.1 note on needing devel rpms

"Kerberos and LON-CAPA, The Way it Should Be Done"

produced by Penguin Dementia Publications (aka Scott)

RedHat 7.1 note:
Need several devel rpms to compile kerberos...

Ok, this is originally saved as doc/krb_note.txt in the
CVS repository.

Here is the build process, carved into stone
(we've done this multiple ways in the past, including
a crazily customized perl-kerberos-module Makefile_krb
that is different than what is generated by
"perl Makefile.PL").

I'm trying to do this "the right way".  So here are the steps:

* Get the perl kerberos module from CPAN (
  The module version I got was

* Get athena-kerberos-version-4
  The tarball looks like this:
On the world-wide web, an example URL to get this is
  Suffice it to say the tarball will likely be maintained/retained
  for sometime in the sunsite-->metalab-->ibiblio repository system
  There are several more recent releases since Sept 1999, but
  I'm not trying to change-everything-at-once right now.

* Install athena-kerberos-version-4 by
  altering to read
[root@kirk krb4-0.10.1]# diff
< AC_PREFIX_DEFAULT(/usr/local/krb4)
> AC_PREFIX_DEFAULT(/usr/athena)
    /usr/local/krb4 is what you want on this line!!!!

* generate new configure file by typing this command
   autoconf > configure

* then of course 
* then
* then
  make install

The file listing of this will be in doc/otherfiles on the
CVS repository (installed binaries).

* the perl module will now install correctly
  (before it hiccupped, coughed, was severely upset
   due to kerberos being in /usr/athena as opposed to /usr/local/krb4)

* perl module installation is as usual
  perl Makefile.PL; make; make test; make install

* go get a cup of coffee so you don't see all the weird warning
  messages that flash at you

* it really works

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