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Line 387  Check for files and/or directories insta Line 387  Check for files and/or directories insta
   </note>    </note>
 </file>  </file>
 <file>  <file>
     <target dist='default'>lcmathcomplex.piml</target>
     <categoryname>system file</categoryname>
   Use perl core module Config.pm to determine nvsize and set value for this scalar in /home/httpd/lib/perl/LONCAPA/LCMathComplex.pm.  LCMathComplex.pm is used instead of the core perl module Math::Complex in Safe Space, because the dependency on Config.pm is eliminated.
 <source>doc/loncapafiles/valid_hosts.xfml</source>  <source>doc/loncapafiles/valid_hosts.xfml</source>
 <target dist='default'>valid_hosts.xfml</target>  <target dist='default'>valid_hosts.xfml</target>
 <categoryname>system file</categoryname>  <categoryname>system file</categoryname>

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