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[TXT] ConfigFileEdit.pm 1.1 18 years foxr Configuration file editor: This module maintains a file consisting of colon sep...
[TXT] LondConnection.pm 1.17 18 years foxr - Add SetDebugLevel to allow clients to control debugging output. - Fix ReadConf...
[TXT] LondTransaction.pm 1.6 19 years foxr Added use strict and dealt with the fallout from that.
[TXT] TODO 1.188 20 years matthew Moved a few bugs to bugs.loncapa.org.
[TXT] apachereload 1.1 19 years foxr This is a setuid script that allows the www user to issue /etc/init.d/httpd relo...
[TXT] development_domain.tab 1.7 18 years taceyjo1 Added myself, now back to your regularly schedualed bug hunting
[TXT] development_hosts.tab 1.31 18 years albertel -
[TXT] htpasswd 1.3 19 years www Script to re-route traffic from one LON-CAPA server to another in case of weirdn...
[TXT] krb.conf 1.1 22 years harris41 which Kerberos server to contact for which Kerberos domains
[TXT] lcnfsoff 1.2 19 years harris41 best wishes to all.
[TXT] lcnfson 1.4 19 years harris41 best wishes to all.
[TXT] lcpasswd 1.19 19 years harris41 best wishes to all.
[TXT] lcuserdel 1.15 19 years harris41 best wishes to all.
[TXT] loncapa.conf 1.8 19 years albertel - added lonUsersLoadLim BUG#958
[TXT] loncapa_apache.conf 1.64 19 years albertel - Fixes a problem
[TXT] loncnew 1.33 18 years foxr Remove debug flag from event timer setup.
[TXT] loncron 1.44 18 years albertel - making it easier to run loncnew, /etc/init.d/loncontrol startnew /etc/in...
[TXT] lond 1.163 18 years foxr Simplify authentication since for now it's done at connection time via hosts.tab...
[TXT] lonhttpd 1.9 19 years www Bug #2001: child process does not wipe out parent's .pid-file when timing out du...
[TXT] lonsql 1.57 19 years www Simple one-line status for cluster-wide automated reporting
[TXT] lontrans.pm 1.6 18 years albertel - consoladating the 3 different &propath()s
[TXT] managers.tab 1.3 18 years foxr Add non cluster manager entry
[TXT] mime.types 1.1 20 years matthew Basic mime.types with Chime specific additions/modifications.
[TXT] ntp.conf 1.1 21 years harris41 File which configures time synchronization of LON-CAPA machines according to XNT...
[TXT] production_domain.tab 1.12 18 years raeburn Added portland domain for Portland High Schools to hosted domains.
[TXT] production_hosts.tab 1.63 18 years albertel - RHS update
[TXT] pwchange 1.9 19 years harris41 best wishes to all.
[TXT] rawhide_hosts.tab 1.7 20 years harris41 oh... let's make the domain name more specific
[TXT] smb.conf 1.6 19 years harris41 best wishes to all.
[TXT] spare.tab 1.2 21 years harris41 msua2 no longer exists..
[TXT] startup.pl 1.16 19 years albertel - this is really starting to yank my gourd. - should now try loading both and on...

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