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[TXT] ConfigFileEdit.pm 1.3 19 years foxr Add support to get the entire contents of an edited config file as a string.
[TXT] CrGenerate.pl 1.8 19 years foxr Fix up some stuff to bring it closer to the lonCAPA code standard.
[TXT] CrGrant.pl 1.5 19 years foxr Fix a case problem on the cleanup of the generated certificate file
[TXT] LONCAPA.pm 1.13 17 years albertel branches: 1.13.2; - need to cleanup the sym if result is undefined
[TXT] LondConnection.pm 1.41 17 years albertel - correcting some documentation
[TXT] LondTransaction.pm 1.9 18 years albertel - pod style docs want a blank line after =cut
[TXT] TODO 1.189 17 years albertel - removing things from the diused TODO list
[TXT] UPDATE 1.2 17 years albertel - make sure rm doesn't throw a nut
[TXT] apachereload 1.6 17 years albertel - typo
[TXT] development_domain.tab 1.18 17 years www Vernetztes Lernen, Fernuni Hagen
[TXT] development_hosts.tab 1.68 17 years banghart Changed IP address.
[TXT] htpasswd 1.3 20 years www Script to re-route traffic from one LON-CAPA server to another in case of weirdn...
[TXT] krb.conf 1.1 23 years harris41 which Kerberos server to contact for which Kerberos domains
[TXT] lcnfsoff 1.2 20 years harris41 best wishes to all.
[TXT] lcnfson 1.4 20 years harris41 best wishes to all.
[TXT] lcpasswd 1.21 18 years albertel - commiting Martin Siegert's updates to work on systems that don't create user g...
[TXT] lcuserdel 1.15 20 years harris41 best wishes to all.
[TXT] loncapa.conf 1.13 19 years raeburn Include placeholder for Support E-mail address.
[TXT] loncapa_apache.conf 1.153 17 years albertel - swtich to /adm/damin/user/aboutme/portfolio for the portfolio lister - setting...
[TXT] loncnew 1.75 17 years albertel - BUG#4927 - delayed messages were not being noticed after the host name transit...
[TXT] loncron 1.67 17 years albertel - revert to USR1 to lonc
[TXT] lond 1.336 17 years raeburn Bug 4813. Retain backwards compatibility with legacy courses in which only a co...
[TXT] lonenc.pm 1.16 17 years www Bug #1223: error when first resource is hidden Also: error when first resource i...
[TXT] lonencurl.pm 1.2 17 years albertel - .pm need to return a true value
[TXT] lonhttpd 1.10 18 years albertel - well that solves the mystery of wy lonhttpd refused to start somtimes
[TXT] lonlocal.pm 1.7 19 years albertel - stop the log spew
[TXT] lonmaxima 1.21 17 years www Open3 is not needed.
[TXT] lonmemcached 1.5 18 years albertel - typo
[TXT] lonsql 1.77 17 years albertel - removing some code duplication
[TXT] lonssl.pm 1.9 19 years foxr Turn down the logging volume now that the ssl stuff looks like it's functional.
[TXT] lontrans.pm 1.11 17 years www &Apache::lonnet::unescape -> &unescape &Apache::lonnet::escape -> &escape
[TXT] managers.tab 1.4 19 years albertel - updating to be ready for distribution
[TXT] mime.types 1.3 18 years matthew Updated mime.types file and modify loncapafiles.lpml to install it instead of li...
[TXT] ntp.conf 1.1 22 years harris41 File which configures time synchronization of LON-CAPA machines according to XNT...
[TXT] production_domain.tab 1.94 17 years albertel - updtes from mark about the ou k12
[TXT] production_hosts.tab 1.177 17 years albertel - going to attempt to solve this a different way
[TXT] pwchange 1.9 20 years harris41 best wishes to all.
[TXT] rawhide_hosts.tab 1.7 21 years harris41 oh... let's make the domain name more specific
[TXT] request_ssl_key.sh 1.1 18 years albertel - adding Ron's request ssl key script
[TXT] smb.conf 1.6 20 years harris41 best wishes to all.
[TXT] spare.tab 1.4 18 years albertel csm wants to sacrifice a mchine to the greater good
[TXT] startup.pl 1.28 17 years albertel - install new file

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