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Current directory: [LON-CAPA] / loncom

Current tag: stable_2001_fall

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[DIR] anaconda/        
[DIR] atalk/        
[DIR] auth/        
[DIR] automation/        
[DIR] build/        
[DIR] cfgedittests/        
[DIR] cgi/        
[DIR] configedittests/        
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[DIR] cron/        
[DIR] debugging_tools/        
[DIR] dns_checksums/        
[DIR] enrollment/        
[DIR] homework/        
[DIR] html/        
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[DIR] init.d/        
[DIR] interface/        
[DIR] javascriptlib/        
[DIR] license/        
[DIR] localize/        
[DIR] lonnet/        
[DIR] lti/        
[DIR] metadata_database/        
[DIR] misc/        
[DIR] mupad_utils/        
[DIR] ntp/        
[DIR] pam.d/        
[DIR] publisher/        
[DIR] rewrites/        
[DIR] test/        
[DIR] thesaurus/        
[DIR] types/        
[DIR] xml/        
[TXT] production_hosts.tab 1.4 21 years albertel - oucapa7 is an access server
[TXT] TODO 1.137 21 years albertel *** empty log message ***
[TXT] startup.pl 1.4 21 years albertel - tries to preload a lot more things to decrease max memory usage.
[TXT] loncron 1.24 21 years www Able to start loncron through web server
[TXT] htpasswd 1.1 22 years harris41 Basic auth password to access /lon-status and /server-status
[TXT] ntp.conf 1.1 22 years harris41 File which configures time synchronization of LON-CAPA machines according to XNT...
[TXT] smb.conf 1.2 22 years harris41 a script to enable nfs mounting service for a given user and ip address (numeric...
[TXT] lond 1.52 21 years harris41 implementing shadow password capability
[TXT] lcpasswd 1.13 21 years harris41 important fixes, documentation addition
[TXT] spare.tab 1.2 21 years harris41 msua2 no longer exists..
[TXT] lonsql 1.37 21 years harris41 never output regular metadata in custom metadata output... single or multiple li...
[TXT] lcuserdel 1.12 22 years harris41 removed 2>/dev/null from lcuserdel to get it working. solidified file creation ...
[TXT] lcnfsoff 1.1 22 years harris41 these setuid scripts work now
[TXT] lcnfson 1.3 22 years harris41 these setuid scripts work now
[TXT] krb.conf 1.1 22 years harris41 which Kerberos server to contact for which Kerberos domains

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