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- removing things from the diused TODO list

This file is being phased out.  Remove your bugs as you move them to

TODO list
+ add functionality
& change functionality
* bug
! Priority
? Questionable/unverified
c Continual and currently in an okay status
C Continual and in need of a lot of work right now

?=not yet assigned

    + add <options> tag (A)
    + counters and output formats for counters (A/Y)   

    + have inserts at bottom of page (Y)
    c add more tags (Y)
    + have textfield style entries protect against bad data (</parserlib> in 
	the parserlib textfiled (Y)
    + make default setup prettier
    + <imageresponse>
    * hints need to be coupled to tag 2 levels up

    + <imageresponse> needs to be able to support multiple images and multiple
        clicks on an image, need a Java applet most likely
    * <essayresponse> needs to protect input / output
    * if there are <*response> in a <problem> and there are also 
	<part>s defined the handling of the <*response> outside of the 
	<part> will be done poorly.
    + student should be able to see previous submissions
    + <verbatim>
    + <optionresponse> reports # options correct through a <responseparam>
         (Make editing of this pretty)
    & allow functions in response to be case insensitive

    + handle extra fields (Y)
    + interface needs to be driven more by the type field (Y)
    + show only a subset of students (Y)
    + XML upload

   !* doesn't throw error when #response > #answer (Y)
   !* bad message when #response < #answer (Y)

    + annotations can be localized and published
    + PURLs

    & have great installation, upgrading, configuring documents (S)
    & have great installation, upgrading, configuring process (S)
    & have great interface, how-to-use educational system
      documentation (John Williamson)

    c test code... up to date with latest CPAN modules (S)
    + allow for debian and redhat 7.1 installation... redhat 7.1
      installation well pioneered (S)
    c add in new perl modules and update old ones (S)
    c build and distribute CD-ROMs, upgrades, and installation/upgrade docs (S)
    c document and reasonably automate aspects of source-to-build procedure (S)
    & loncapafiles.lpml has too many lines ( or which
      are over 80 characters (S)

    C code lines less than 80 characters (somewhat done, but now put
      on back-burner till 2002) (S)
    C xhtml-ize output from perl modules (S)
    c add in CPAN and POD conventions into modules and scripts (S)
    c get rid of void context map blocks and replace with foreach blocks

#   see CVS:doc/window_handling.txt for initial plans at organizing this -Scott

   Located now at



    + londropadd does XML
    +?TAs can open and close assignments
    +?Students can force-open assignments with instructor notification
   !c tests interaction between parmset, problem handler and spreadsheet (G)
    + replication hinting/prediction 
    + replication, search local access servers if library is uncontactable
    + intelligent update of (don't forget firewalls)
   !* Looks like no window status in IE 5.5 on Mac, Remote logs out
    + change passwords (domain coordinator/users)
    * straighten out co-author, author, coordinator junk 
    + implement initial questionaire
    + summary on top of spreadsheet
    + adjusts output in spreadsheet to type
    + sort courses with same role in lonroles, color scheme
    + fix Applet codebase on .page
    & pages should not register with remote if not on map
    * navmaps displays answerdates correctly (not due date instead)
    + points for feedback, counts on feedback/discussion
    + "do you want to be a tutor"?
    +!interface for checking logs
    + button to show deleted email and to "compact"
   !* discussion for users in sections
    & more informative message for "maybe part of a course"
    * hung lond child - produce status info
    & share spreadsheets among courses

    *?RAT error line 1413 "insert resource into link" for recon link (G) 
      (could not reproduce)
    + need to be able to evaluate conditions in lonuserstate
    + need to be able to set conditions in RAT client (G)
    + simple RAT server-side interface
    * undefined "guff" - maps full of objects value="undefined"
    * bombs if inf-window closed by hand (needs browser restart) 
    * errors, lines 1118, 1119, 2153, 2310 after cutting link in table mode
    + "insert resource in link" shows that it is busy working on it
    & use 'unknown.gif' for icon of unknown file types instead of broken img.

    * needs to devalidate spreadsheets in problem publishing (G)
    * need to clear metacache of old versions of metadata when publishing
    + deals with Micros*** files
    *?entering construction space or a directory throws up a 
      spurious error message (G)
    c TEST: deal with absolute links
    c TEST: deal with <allow>
    + incorporate thesaurus/vocabulary
    + handle big text documents (?)
    & do not change everything to absolute URLs, but clean up URL garbage

Large Chunks of funtionality that need work:

- Statistics
	- Simple
		- resource analysis class/system wide
		- resource correlation course wide
		- other stats from CAPA
	- Complex
		- foil level analysis/correlation measures
		- derandomized foils analysis
		- have/view reason student selected a foil
	- resource quality, how good is a resource

- Messaging
	- email gateways into/out of the system
	- handle more types of communication
	       - messages seeded with data from spreadsheet
	       - chat / whiteboard
	       - "round robin" feedback handling
               - "mailing lists"

- Grading
	- simple grading needs cleaning up (see Guy's TODO list)
	- survey data extraction ( stat complex could handle most of
	- essay / shortanswer
		- instructor / autoget all/none
		- team based submission
		- peer graded
		- peer suggest grade

- homework engine
	- math stuff
	- CAPA problems 
	- <imageresponse> need Java applet

- Exams

	- choose parts
	- set conditions
	- language for conditions
	- some kind of non-anti-save

- Publish
	- review step
	- co-author locking
	- auto thumbnail / convert images
        - stricter control mechainsms
             - copyrighted stuff
             - Private stuff
           - ACL? (by author or resource?)
        - update metadata without full publish

- printing
	- tex target (CGI / daemon?)

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