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Current directory: [LON-CAPA] / loncom / auth

Current tag: version_2_0_2

File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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[TXT] localauth.pm 1.2 20 years www GPL
[TXT] localstudentphoto.pm 1.2 17 years albertel - no need to include loncommon
[TXT] lonacc.pm 1.68 17 years albertel - need to use lonacc when accessing .hlp files to get session env, but need to a...
[TXT] lonauth.pm 1.69 17 years albertel - support multiple public users at a time (100) BUG#2573
[TXT] loncacc.pm 1.40 17 years albertel - speeding up cstr access (this was cycling through everthing in %env twice per ...
[TXT] londatecheck.pm 1.11 17 years albertel - removing unused code
[TXT] londes.js 1.8 18 years matthew Be a little more compliant with the <script> tag by adding a type attribute.
[TXT] lonlogin.pm 1.68 17 years albertel i- include the multidomain url -> default domain code in the default line
[TXT] lonlogout.pm 1.15 17 years albertel - added the domain specifier to the logout, makes multi domain people's lives ea...
[TXT] lonracc.pm 1.17 17 years albertel - ENV -> env
[TXT] lonroles.pm 1.128 17 years albertel - missed one bit for making sure the whatsnew page appears when it should with e...
[TXT] lontokacc.pm 1.15 17 years albertel - tokacc was trying to compares lon-capa host ids and DNS name, silly tokacc
[TXT] lonuploadedacc.pm 1.12 17 years albertel - ENV -> env
[TXT] roles.tab 1.40 17 years albertel - BUG#4386 Custom Roles should be allowed to be configured to allow global bre
[TXT] rolesplain.tab 1.16 17 years albertel - add permission for bridgetask queue viewing

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