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[TXT] CHECKRPMS 1.19 2 years raeburn - Combine routines for yum and dnf to eliminate duplicate code. - Update documen...
[TXT] Makefile 1.223 4 weeks raeburn - Support CentOS Stream 8 and 9.
[TXT] Makefile.cdrom 1.2 18 years harris41 best wishes to all.
[TXT] Makefile.cvs 1.9 18 years harris41 best wishes to all.
[TXT] Makefile.deprecated 1.1 19 years harris41 storing deprecated-yet-informative Makefile targets
[TXT] README 1.1 19 years harris41 pointing to the file "readme.html"
[TXT] add_domain_coordinator_privilege.pl 1.10 6 years raeburn - Correct path to nohist_rolelog.db
[TXT] buildHelp.sh 1.9 13 years www Oops
[TXT] check-rpms 1.6 19 years harris41 allow ftp server authentication flags with the ncftpget command
[TXT] compressjs.sh 1.1 7 years damieng added new LON-CAPA math editor for mathresponse and formularesponse to replace t...
[TXT] cpfiles.pl 1.2 10 years www Bug #1320
[TXT] customizerpm.xml 1.4 19 years harris41 no access.conf; rely on httpd.conf instead
[TXT] cvsfilter.pl 1.3 18 years harris41 best wishes to all.
[TXT] distprobe 1.26 4 weeks raeburn - Support CentOS Stream 8 and 9.
[TXT] doc_template.pl 1.10 18 years harris41 best wishes to all.
[TXT] expire_DC_role.pl 1.7 6 years raeburn - Correctly set end date in nohist_domainroles.db
[TXT] filecompare.pl 1.15 7 years raeburn - Bug 6535 - For 2.10.1 -> 2.11.0 transition inhibit generation of unwanted WA...
[TXT] getcvsdate.pl 1.1 9 years raeburn - Bug 6535 Eliminate creation of unnecessary .lpmlsave files during install. ...
[TXT] help_graphics_converter.pl 1.5 10 years foxr BZ 6534 - Make the converter aware of relative mtimes as well as just the non-em...
[TXT] install_web_site_cronjob 1.11 9 years raeburn - Adding $Id$ to show version. - Building cvs repo uses checkout instead of expo...
[TXT] loncaparestoreconfigurations 1.16 18 years harris41 best wishes to all.
[TXT] lpml.dtd 1.17 18 years albertel - document new tags/args
[TXT] lpml_html_posteval.pl 1.4 20 years harris41 making fixes so that statuspost make target will produce a "incorrect" count in ...
[TXT] lpml_parse.pl 1.62 15 months raeburn - For distros where setuid scripts (e.g., lciptables) are wrapped, check for u...
[TXT] make_domain_coordinator.pl 1.28 12 months raeburn - hostname from Sys::Hostname::FQDN::fqdn
[TXT] make_rpm.pl 1.21 19 years harris41 using latest http://www.cpan.org/authors/id/S/SH/SHARRISON/make_rpm-2.0.pl; acce...
[TXT] piml.dtd 1.3 19 years harris41 fixing tags, attributes, doctype note and a few syntax things (now validates)
[TXT] piml_parse.pl 1.11 16 years albertel - adding <DIST /> as a tag possibility for the body of a <perlscript> (Well for ...
[TXT] pod2html.sh 1.1 20 years harris41 POD related shell scripts
[TXT] pod2man.sh 1.2 18 years albertel - better looking man pages
[TXT] readme.html 1.24 10 years raeburn - Updated with entry for make aboutVERSION.
[TXT] rebuild_label_hash.sh 1.1 15 years albertel - always rebuilding label hash
[TXT] remove_extra.sh 1.1 21 years harris41 This script removes undesired RPMs from a freshly installed LON-CAPA system. -Sc...
[TXT] remove_extra_dev.sh 1.5 21 years harris41 removing php for real
[TXT] rpmparse.pl 1.10 20 years harris41 improving rpm output and comparison
[TXT] verify.pl 1.3 20 years harris41 another important error message.. -Scott Harrison
[TXT] verifymodown.pl 1.3 17 years albertel - clean up carping message - `` in void context doesn't make sense
[TXT] xfml.dtd 1.3 19 years harris41 latest version
[TXT] xfml_parse.pl 1.7 19 years harris41 xfml_parse.pl already has been well-tested. the changes in 1.6 are incorrect an...

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