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[TXT] capa.units 1.12 19 years albertel - need to define the derived unit _before_ we use it to define another derived u...
[TXT] chemresponse.pm 1.38 19 years albertel - BUG#2713 <organicstructure> was ignoring the texwidth paramaeter
[TXT] convertjme.pl 1.9 19 years albertel - new version for Guy Ashkenazi
[TXT] default_homework.lcpm 1.87 19 years albertel - put some missing my's in and fixed a incorrect regexp
[TXT] drawimage.pm 1.6 19 years albertel - use redirection in <text> so contents get parsed.
[TXT] edit.pm 19 years albertel backport 1.86
[TXT] essayresponse.pm 1.37 18 years albertel - line numbers were off
[TXT] externalresponse.pm 1.3 20 years albertel - brining consitancy to the homework input fields
[TXT] grades.pm 18 years albertel backport 1.234
[TXT] hint.pm 1.58 18 years albertel - BUG#3680, leaking info in showoncorrect="no"
[TXT] imagechoice.pm 1.5 19 years albertel - converted to new randomlylabe syntax
[TXT] imageresponse.pm 1.55 19 years albertel - BUG#3107, <imageresponse> <image>s weren't being capped to column width.
[TXT] inputtags.pm 18 years albertel - backport 1.152
[TXT] lectureonline.lcpm 1.2 21 years albertel - GPL headers
[TXT] lectureonline.sty 1.3 22 years albertel - most lectureonline tags work now, except for <hintpart> and <numericalresponse...
[TXT] loncapagrade.pm 1.2 21 years albertel - fixed warning message
[TXT] lonhomework.pm 18 years albertel - need to check interval due date, when problem is correct or excused
[TXT] lonsimpleproblemedit.pm 1.10 19 years www Stupid i18n error. Should go into 1.1
[TXT] matchresponse.pm 1.44 19 years sakharuk Corrected my own error.
[TXT] optionresponse.pm 1.120 18 years albertel - unbubbled scantron responses in optionresponse were treated as if the user had...
[TXT] outputtags.pm 1.34 19 years albertel - code cleaning
[TXT] radiobuttonresponse.pm 1.93 19 years albertel - making horizontal work in survey mode
[TXT] randomlabel.pm 1.61 19 years albertel - BUG#3136, returns in <label>s cause a 'vt' to appear in the label - <labelgour...
[TXT] randomlylabel.pm 1.20 19 years albertel - BUG#3213, Fedora Core 2 GD isn't reading pallatized PNGs corectly, force them ...
[TXT] rankresponse.pm 1.38 19 years albertel - my fix for scantron mode broke online mode, this should fix both
[TXT] response.pm 18 years albertel - 64bit fixes
[TXT] scantronformat.tab 1.8 19 years albertel - removing nonsupprted options from display
[TXT] simpleproblem.problem 1.6 19 years www Switching simpleproblems over to using the hiddenparts mechanism. Just saving m...
[TXT] simpleproblem.problem.meta 1.5 19 years www Switching simpleproblems over to using the hiddenparts mechanism. Just saving m...
[TXT] structuretags.pm 19 years albertel - backporting <instructorcomment> fix (lonprintout.pm 1.330, strcturetags.pm 1.2...

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