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Use httpi instead of thttpd

HTTPi is (C)1998-2001 Cameron Kaiser. All rights reserved.

** While HTTPi is free, it is NOT distributed under CopyLeft or GPL. Please **
** read on to find out what the differences are. Licenses protect author    **
** rights -- please honour them, even with free software packages.          **

You can modify and tweak HTTPi to your heart's content. You don't need to
pay me for using it, and you don't need my permission to make changes (though
I or an authorised maintainer will be the only ones checking code back into
HTTPi's code base for authorised patches and new versions).

HTTPi must be free, and any and all distributions and derivatives must
themselves be free. By free software I do not necessarily mean free in the
way that Richard Stallman of GNU fame might -- merely that distributions
be without cost. "Derivatives" shall constitute distributions with code
added or removed from the base distribution, or distributions that are
signficantly based on the source code (though may not necessarily include
the source code itself), in the Author's sole judgement. This means a C port
of HTTPi is still a derivative, or a Win32 version, or whatever. You do not
have to provide source code, which is a deviation from GPL.


	* make changes and slap your copyright on the entire package. Your
	  copyright extends only to the changes you've made. My copyright,
	  and any copyrights asserted by HTTPi's contributors, remain.

	* supersede the license agreement here. You may not charge a fee for a
	  HTTPi distribution, for example. Derivatives count as distributions.
	  This license agreement, therefore, applies IN FULL to any
	  distribution or derivative work.

	  The exception: you MAY include HTTPi as part of an operating system
	  distribution and sell that. Linux dists and FreeBSD dists are okay,
	  for example.

	  You also MAY NOT place your derivative work under GPL, because that
	  is a different, though similar, licensing agreement, and the
	  License here does reflect constraints that are mutually exclusive.

	* make a distribution of HTTPi that does not include ALL files,
	  including this license, and ONLY these files. If not, it is a
	  derivative work, and you may NOT call it an official distribution.

	* make or distribute a distribution of HTTPi that does not clearly
	  state the copyright (i.e.

Contains or is based on the HTTPi web server
(C)1998-2001 Cameron Kaiser. All rights reserved.

	  would be just about perfect), or make or distribute a derivative of
	  HTTPi that does not clearly state the copyright.


	* copyright your derivative works. You may not make them public domain.

	* include this LICENSE agreement in any and all derivative
	  works you create, as either a separate file or part of your
	  non-mutually exclusive license (that is, does not conflict
	  with these terms).

	* absolve the programmers of HTTPi (including yours truly :-) and
	  any contributors) of any liability, real or imagined, and certify
	  that you are using this program AT YOUR OWN RISK. While the
	  programmers shall endeavour to make HTTPi as bug-free as possible,
	  entomological phenomena can and do occur. Such is life.

	  If you make a derivative work of HTTPi, you MAY decide that you
	  wish to offer warranty support. You may do so, but your doing so
	  does in no way make me, the programmers of HTTPi, or anyone else
	  liable for the fulfillment of your warranty, and you and the users
	  of your derivative work must agree to hold us legally blameless
	  under ALL circumstances. (Remember, no mutually exclusive license
	  terms in your derivative works, right?)

Your usage of this program constitutes your binding acceptance of these
terms. Don't even think about starting HTTPi up on your system if you don't
agree to follow the terms detailed in this license IN THEIR ENTIRETY. Don't
even think about modifying it, patching it or distributing it if you don't,
either. Exceptions to these restrictions must be obtained from me, the
copyright holder, IN WRITING.

I reserve the right to interpret this document, and I also reserve the right
to make license changes without notice effective on issue date. All legal
issues shall be dealt with in accordance with the State of California, United
States of America.

Other than that, have a blast! Keep software free.

Revised 12/24/2000

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