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Tue Jun 29 15:00:25 2004 UTC (18 years, 5 months ago) by raeburn
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Include placeholder for Support E-mail address.

## loncapa.conf -- Apache HTTP LON-CAPA configuration file
## $Id: loncapa.conf,v 1.13 2004/06/29 15:00:25 raeburn Exp $

# ======================================= Machine Specific / Perl Configuration
# ------------------------ The variable values are also read and shared by lond

# LON-internal HostID of this machine

PerlSetVar       lonHostID    {[[[[lonHostID]]]]}
# Role of this machine: library, access

PerlSetVar       lonRole      {[[[[lonRole]]]]}

# Server Administration

PerlSetVar       lonAdmEMail  {[[[[lonAdmEMail]]]]}

# Support E-mail

PerlSetVar	 lonSupportEMail  {[[[[lonSupportEMail]]]]} 

# Default domain

PerlSetVar       lonDefDomain {[[[[lonDefDomain]]]]}

# Load Limit ( 100% loadavg )

PerlSetVar       lonLoadLim   {[[[[lonLoadLim]]]]}

# User Load Limit ( 100% loadavg )

PerlSetVar       lonUserLoadLim   {[[[[lonUserLoadLim]]]]}

# Expiration for local copies and tokens in seconds

PerlSetVar       lonExpire    {[[[[lonExpire]]]]}

# Key to issue receipts
PerlSetVar	 lonReceipt   {[[[[lonReceipt]]]]}

#   The variables below control the behavior of secure lond:

#  londAllowInsecure allows lond to fall back to insecure connections
#  in the event its peer is not yet updated to secure lonc.
#  If you are certain all the systems you are communicating with
#  are using secure lonc, set it to 0

PerlSetVar londAllowInsecure {[[[[londAllowInsecure]]]]}

# loncAllowInsecure allows lonc to fall back to negotiating an insecure
# connection with lond in the event the peer is not yet a secure lond.
# If you are certain that all systems you are communicating with 
# are using secure lond,  set it to 0

PerlSetVar   loncAllowInsecure {[[[[loncAllowInsecure]]]]}

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