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Tue Jul 20 02:42:27 2010 UTC (13 years, 4 months ago) by raeburn
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- Control hosting of user sessions.
  - To accommodate multi-domain library servers, use internet domain names (e.g.,
    instead of LON-CAPA domains in interface DC uses to set options for session hosting.

  - Provide mechanism to retrieve lonHostID for a hostname, so we can tell which
    domain determines session hosting config for external users on a multi-domain

  - New routines in
     &get_server_homeID()  -- gets lonHostID for a hostname
     &internet_dom() -- gets internet domain name for a LON-CAPA Host ID
     &get_internet_names() -- gets internet domain names for all domains
                              for a server given one of the LC host IDs for the server.

   - New file in /home/httpd/lonTabs:
     - (populated by loncron). : paired hostname:lonHostID

   - New subroutine in loncron: &write_serverhomeIDs() -- populates
   - New subroutine in lond: &server_homeID_handler() -- returns LON-CAPA Host ID of server
   - New scalar in lond: $clienthomedom -- set to domain of LON-CAPA Host ID of client
   - New subroutine in &build_location_hashes()
       -- used to set up options for session hosting as internet domain names
           - where two names (e.g.,, are controlled by the same
             institution these will receive a single checkbox.

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