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Current directory: [LON-CAPA] / loncom / metadata_database

Current tag: version_2_7_99_0

File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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[TXT] cleanup_database.pl 1.7 17 years albertel - older DBI versions don't support the arrarref usage
[TXT] configure_mysql_db.pl 1.3 20 years albertel - should run on the latest rawhide release correctly now (along with 7.3) - (raw...
[TXT] parse_activity_log.pl 1.24 17 years albertel -removing non-functional use Apache2::compat - removing extraneous uses
[TXT] lonmetadata_test.pl 1.5 19 years matthew lonmetadata: Minor changes to &store_metadata, should be a little more readabl...
[TXT] searchcat.pl 1.77 16 years raeburn searchcat.pl - Additional MySQL table to build: allusers - &descend_tree() argum...

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