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Current tag: version_1_2_X

File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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[TXT] addid.tab 1.16 19 years albertel - typo
[TXT] copyright.tab 1.9 18 years www Getting rid of this.
[TXT] language.tab 1.12 18 years www Making French a supported language
[TXT] loncfile.pm 1.62 18 years albertel - move didn't actually work. Sigh (BUG#3368)
[TXT] londiff.pm 1.15 18 years albertel - Fixes BUG#2602, line ending changes made diff useless.
[TXT] lonpubdir.pm 1.63 18 years www Bug #2450: deleting un-openable files from Construction Space
[TXT] lonpublisher.pm 1.177 18 years albertel - BUG#3177, forgot to move some of the fix over
[TXT] lonretrieve.pm 1.25 18 years albertel BUG#3061, retreive doesn't need it's own indow.
[TXT] lonrights.pm 1.15 18 years www Going back to 1.13 - need to implement source access with the standard .meta and...
[TXT] lonunauthorized.pm 1.3 18 years www "Recent Folders" in construction space
[TXT] lonupload.pm 1.27 18 years www Bug #2927: "Back to Directory" also works on top-level
[TXT] packages.tab 1.38 18 years albertel - hiding 'encrypturl', 'hiddenresource', 'randompick', 'randompickseed'
[TXT] publisher.html 1.38 18 years albertel - hey this version almost validates as xhtml 1.0 transitional
[TXT] source_copyright.tab 1.2 18 years taceyjo1 Speeeling doesn't mean anything.. yea :)
[TXT] testbankimport.pm 1.5 18 years raeburn Fix bugs 3272, 3273, 3275. Support for more formats and multiple spaces between ...

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