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Current directory: [LON-CAPA] / loncom / publisher

Current tag: version_2_6_99_0

File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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[TXT] addid.tab 1.20 14 years www We should add ids here
[TXT] copyright.tab 1.9 18 years www Getting rid of this.
[TXT] language.tab 1.21 14 years bisitz Changed x-chef encoding entry to UTF what actually already had been the encoding...
[TXT] loncfile.pm 1.89 14 years www Bug #2075: Get rid of "done" (or at least forward immediately)
[TXT] loncleanup.pm 1.9 15 years albertel - bunch of \w replacements
[TXT] londiff.pm 1.23 15 years albertel - BUG#5146, handle files with different line endins in a single file
[TXT] lonpubdir.pm 1.108 14 years raeburn - loncommon::start_page() does its own &mt() on the title passed to it as the fi...
[TXT] lonpublisher.pm 1.239 14 years bisitz - Shortened main headline and added new sub headline "Resource Details" - Wrappe...
[TXT] lonpubmenu.pm 1.4 16 years albertel - start_page
[TXT] lonretrieve.pm 1.34 15 years albertel branches: 1.34.2; - more re fix ups
[TXT] lonrights.pm 1.24 15 years albertel - BUG#5307, can allow deny users with _ in their username
[TXT] lonunauthorized.pm 1.7 15 years albertel - starting work on moving to distributed DNS, eliminate usage of the lonnet host...
[TXT] lonupload.pm 1.37 14 years raeburn - When web pages are uploaded to CSTR, user will be prompted to upload any embed...
[TXT] packages.tab 1.54 14 years albertel - BUG#5337
[TXT] publisher.html 1.40 17 years www * Be able to make new library files * Check for existing filename on new file ge...
[TXT] source_copyright.tab 1.4 17 years www Not only for problems.
[TXT] testbankimport.pm 1.16 14 years raeburn - Make textarea used to display contents of uploaded testbank file readonly.

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