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# The Learning Online Network with CAPA
# pwchange - setuid script to change unix passwords
# YEAR=2001
# YEAR=2002
# 02/19 Matthew Hall
# $Id: pwchange,v 1.9 2003/02/03 18:03:52 harris41 Exp $

use strict;
my $noprint = 1;

print "In pwchange\n" unless $noprint;
print "Real uid = $< effective uid = $> \n" unless $noprint;
# ------------------------------------------------------------------ Untainting
$ENV{'PATH'}='/bin:/usr/bin'; # Nullify path information.
delete @ENV{qw(IFS CDPATH ENV BASH_ENV)}; # nullify potential taints

# ---------------------------- Make sure this process is running from user=root

if (0 != $<) {
    print "Username not root" unless $noprint;
   exit 1;
# ----------------------------------------------- If not running setuid as root
if ($>!=0) {
    print "Not setuid to root" unless $noprint;
    exit 1;

# ----------------------------------------------- Make sure arguments are valid
my $user=shift @ARGV;
my $safe=$1;
print "Save user = $safe" unless $noprint;

my $pword=<>;
chomp $pword;
unless (length($safe) and ($user eq $safe) and ($safe=~/^[A-Za-z]/)) {
    exit 2;
print "Password = $pword" unless $noprint;
my $pbad=0;
foreach (split(//,$pword)) {if ((ord($_)<32)||(ord($_)>126)){$pbad=1;}} 
exit 3 if $pbad;

# --------------------------------------------------------- Call system command
open OUT,"|passwd --stdin $safe >/dev/null";
print OUT $pword;
print OUT "\n";
close OUT;

# --------------------------------------- exit with status of command execution
exit $?/256;

=head1 NAME

pwchange - setuid script to change unix passwords


Setuid script to change unix passwords.

=head1 README

Setuid script to change unix passwords.








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