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Tue Jan 27 01:23:26 2009 UTC (13 years, 8 months ago) by raeburn
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- Need to check for the existence (an ownership) of /home/httpd/lonCerts if run as www.
- If the script is actually run from within /home/httpd/lonCerts, lonKey.pem doesn't need to be copied (and shouldn't be removed).

#!/bin/bash	# Email the cert request here.
DESTDIR=/home/httpd/lonCerts			# Destination for the key file.
DESTUID=www			# Who will own the private key.
DESTGROUP=www			# Group that will own the private key.

if [ $(whoami) != "$DESTUID" ] && [ $(whoami) != "root" ]; then
    echo "This script needs to be run either as $DESTUID or root"

if [ $(whoami) != "root" ] ; then
    if [ -d "$DESTDIR" ] ; then
        CURROWNER=`stat -c %U $DESTDIR`
        if [ -L "$DESTDIR" ] ; then
            echo "$DESTDIR is a symbolic link. You need to remove the link and (as root) create $DESTDIR as a directory owned by $DESTUID:$DESTGROUP."
        elif [ $CURROWNER != $DESTUID ] ; then
            echo "$DESTUID is not the owner of $DESTDIR. As root you need to change ownership of this directory to $DESTUID:$DESTGROUP."
        echo "You need to create a directory: $DESTDIR (as root) and then change ownership of this directory so it is owned by $DESTUID:$DESTGROUP."

openssl req -newkey rsa:1024 -passout pass:loncapa \
    -keyout lonKey.enc -keyform PEM  \
    -out    CertRequest.pem -outform PEM

openssl rsa -passin pass:loncapa -in lonKey.enc -out lonKey.pem

if [ $(pwd) != "$DESTDIR" ] ; then
    if [ !-d "$DESTDIR" ] ; then
        install -d -m 0750 -o $DESTUID -g $DESTGROUP $DESTDIR
    install -m 0400 -o $DESTUID -g $DESTGROUP lonKey.pem $DESTDIR
    rm lonKey.pem
    chmod 0400 lonKey.pem

rm lonKey.enc

mail <CertRequest.pem -s "Certificate Request" $MAILADDR
rm CertRequest.pem

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