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[TXT] LCMathComplex.pm 1.2 2 years raeburn - Update to Math::Complex rev. 1.59_01 to eliminate warnings in perl > 5.26 "U...
[TXT] LCParser.pm 1.2 20 years albertel - conforms to HTML-Parser 3.26
[TXT] Safe.pm 1.9 13 years bisitz Added missing CVS Ids for automatic version numbering to script header (Irrespec...
[TXT] attempt1.sty 1.2 21 years albertel - we want to use the <render> tag in style files
[TXT] languagetags.pm 1.2 16 years albertel - finish off the conversion to allowing style tags get_all_text across tags - BU...
[TXT] londefdef.pm 1.466 8 months raeburn - Bug 6954
[TXT] lonlatextable.pm 1.4 11 years foxr BZ6317 - Support (W/O debug spew) rules="groups" for tables with row groups (tbo...
[TXT] lonplot.pm 1.184 2 years raeburn - Localize warnings for invalid color attributes in web view - Eliminate "deprec...
[TXT] lontable.pm 1.22 7 years raeburn - Coding style: keys()
[TXT] lontable.test 1.4 13 years foxr Add code to support horizontal alignment, correct bordering, and table width.
[TXT] lontex.pm 1.13 13 years jms POD comments added/altered
[TXT] lontexconvert.pm 1.122 3 years raeburn - Default renderer for unconfigured domains set in a single location.
[TXT] lonxml.pm 1.560 3 years raeburn - Bug 6873 LONCAPA-prerequisites needs perl-Number-FormatEng.
[TXT] physnet.sty 1.38 18 years sakharuk Added full path just in case.
[TXT] run.pm 1.66 2 years raeburn - Bug 6925. Support complex data structures, e.g., $hash{a}{b}{c} when evaluat...
[TXT] scripttag.pm 1.175 5 years raeburn - Course "Authoring" Space "Import a File" and "Image" blocks in Colorful Edit...
[TXT] style.pl 1.2 21 years sakharuk *** empty log message ***
[TXT] style.pm 1.22 13 years jms Added/modified POD comments
[TXT] tth.pm 1.3 10 years raeburn - Update for SWIG 1.3.29. In most cases tth.pm in modules/TexConvert available...
[TXT] default_xml.lcpm (in the Attic) [hide] 1.2 21 years albertel - fixed Apache::run::evaluate so it actually does work - it also now properly Qu...

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