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Current directory: [LON-CAPA] / loncom / xml

Current tag: version_2_4_0

File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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[TXT] LCParser.pm 1.2 21 years albertel - conforms to HTML-Parser 3.26
[TXT] Safe.pm 1.8 20 years albertel - silly typo
[TXT] attempt1.sty 1.2 23 years albertel - we want to use the <render> tag in style files
[TXT] languagetags.pm 1.2 17 years albertel - finish off the conversion to allowing style tags get_all_text across tags - BU...
[TXT] londefdef.pm 1.366 16 years albertel - enable cssfile for html pages
[TXT] lonplot.pm 1.117 16 years albertel - lonxml takes care of all insertions now, and thus the tags that were attemptin...
[TXT] lontex.pm 1.12 17 years albertel - calling init_tth from start_page (effectively) - reducing dependencies from lo...
[TXT] lontexconvert.pm 1.81 16 years albertel - some cleanups to the generated html to make it easier to read
[TXT] lonxml.pm 1.446 16 years albertel - show insertables by default
[TXT] physnet.sty 1.38 19 years sakharuk Added full path just in case.
[TXT] run.pm 1.58 17 years albertel - bug #4702
[TXT] scripttag.pm 1.140 16 years albertel - js doesn't like - or . in function names
[TXT] style.pl 1.2 23 years sakharuk *** empty log message ***
[TXT] style.pm 1.21 19 years sakharuk Changes to work well with CBI.
[TXT] tth.pm 1.2 21 years www GPL

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