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Line 14  For a history of this software, you shou Line 14  For a history of this software, you shou
 the CVS repository.  the CVS repository.
 export CVSROOT=:pserver:USERNAME@install.lon-capa.org:/home/cvs  export CVSROOT=:pserver:USERNAME@install.lon-capa.org:/home/cvs
   cvs login
   cvs co nsdl
 How to build and install  How to build and install
 ========================  ========================
Line 22  cd nsdl/build Line 24  cd nsdl/build
 make build  make build
 make install  make install
   Important files
   The stylesheets for carrying out the metadata conversion are
   nsdl/lib/stylesheets/*.xsl  .
   The Apache web handler modules are defined in the directory:
   nsdl/lib/perl/Apache/  .
   The Apache configuration file (see below also) is
   nsdl/conf/nsdl.conf  .
   The source-to-target is defined by nsdl/build/gatewayfiles.lpml
   (an XML file defines how the software is "rendered" onto the system.
   And, there are other files.
 System requirements  System requirements
 ===================  ===================
 * Apache and mod_perl  * Apache and mod_perl

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