Diff for /nsdl/build/testfiles.lpml between versions 1.1 and 1.2

version 1.1, 2002/10/13 05:38:05 version 1.2, 2002/10/13 06:24:34
Line 18  with running tests on a NSDL-LONCAPA gat Line 18  with running tests on a NSDL-LONCAPA gat
 <directories>  <directories>
 </directories>  </directories>
 <files>  <files>
   <target dist='default'>filecomparetest.pl</target>
   <categoryname>system file</categoryname>
   Tests the filecompare.pl command to make sure we can rely on it;
   this is to be VERY careful to make sure that updating the filesystem
   is foolproof.
 </files>  </files>
 </lpml>  </lpml>

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