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[TXT] requirements.html 1.2 20 years harris41 caveat
[TXT] behavior.fig 1.1 21 years harris41 Description of general behavior.... Note that there was some initial confusion w...
[TXT] behavior.gif 1.1 21 years harris41 an image for web-based viewing
[TXT] design.html 1.1 20 years harris41 outline of someday-perhaps-authoritative design document
[TXT] multiplesystems.fig 1.1 20 years harris41 sketch of multiple systems interacting
[TXT] puzzle.gif 1.1 21 years harris41 The "puzzle piece" graphic; used in the appendix to illustrate the granularity t...
[TXT] systems.html 1.1 20 years harris41 hrmmmmm

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