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the home page for the gateway site (

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<title>The NSDL LearningOnline Network Gateway</title>
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The NSDL-LONCAPA Gateway effort is part of a funded pilot project
to investigate integration between the
<a href="">National Science Digital Library (NSDL)</a>
and the <a href="">LearningOnline Network with CAPA
From the standpoint of NSDL, two things must happen on the gateway: 1) LON-CAPA
metadata must be available in a suitable XML format (IEEE LOM
and/or Dublin core); and 2) LON-CAPA must
implement an <a href="">OAI</a>-compatible
harvesting protocol.
From the standpoint of LON-CAPA, two things must happen via the gateway:
1) maintaining transparency--all interaction with NSDL is to be seamless
and "on-the-fly" from the standpoint of users; and therefore
2) tight integration is anticipated.

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