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[TXT] lonambiguous.pm 1.26 4 years raeburn - Coding style: keys()
[TXT] lonpage.pm 1.126 15 months raeburn - Bug 6862. Avoid a javascript error in Internet Explorer and MS Edge when usi...
[TXT] lonpageflip.pm 1.101 5 months raeburn - Bug 6806 Use of an External Resource URL which includes an anchor will cause...
[TXT] lonratedt.pm 1.112 3 years damieng fixed layout issues in advanced RAT, replaced frameset by iframes
[TXT] lonratmenu.pm 1.21 3 years damieng bug fix: target _top was missing in the breadcrumbs for the Authoring Space link...
[TXT] lonratparms.pm 1.29 7 years www Modal window
[TXT] lonratsrv.pm 1.42 7 years www Bug #1320
[TXT] lonsequence.pm 1.51 5 months raeburn - Check $map is an object to avoid an ISE.
[TXT] lonuserstate.pm 1.157 7 months raeburn - Bug 6400 - deeplink parameter determines whether deep-linked items are liste...
[TXT] lonwrapper.pm 1.69 7 weeks raeburn - Bug 6910 Gracefully handle display (and preview) for External Resources for wh...
[TXT] map.pm 1.15 5 years raeburn - Using "multiple" radio and checking "Remove All" in Course Editor results in...

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