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Current directory: [LON-CAPA] / rat

Current tag: stable_2002_july

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[TXT] lonambiguous.pm 1.4 20 years www GPL
[TXT] lonpage.pm 1.42 20 years sakharuk See comments for structuretags.pm
[TXT] lonpageflip.pm 1.25 20 years www Bug #175 If the beginning of a sequence is an empty resource, use "move" from lo...
[TXT] lonratedt.pm 1.31 20 years www branches: 1.31.2; SimpleEdit cannot deal with resource parameters. Aborts readi...
[TXT] lonratparms.pm 1.12 20 years www Entry of additional map parameters (only available in map-edit)
[TXT] lonratsrv.pm 1.20 20 years albertel - stupidly backed out some changes, Grrr!!! - ANy way diffs abainst 1.18 should ...
[TXT] lonsequence.pm 1.12 20 years www Stores away in db-file. Still bug: exports one file less than checked.
[TXT] lonuserstate.pm 1.32 20 years www Put randomout into %ENV
[TXT] lonwrapper.pm 1.5 20 years matthew Minor change for lonxml::registerurl calls. This should affect nothing!

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