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[TXT] lonambiguous.pm 1.21 15 years albertel - move absoltue_url to lonnet, - use absolute_url in lonnet::ssi
[TXT] lonpage.pm 1.87 14 years albertel branches: 1.87.2; - need to pass $beenhere along to detect map recursion
[TXT] lonpageflip.pm 1.74 15 years albertel - furl has the symb arg appeneded to it
[TXT] lonratedt.pm 1.88 15 years albertel - BUG#4168 inhibit the inline menu in the seraching/browsing popup window.
[TXT] lonratmenu.pm 1.10 14 years raeburn - add versioning.
[TXT] lonratparms.pm 1.24 16 years albertel - start_page work - some $_ elimination - some xhtml cleanup
[TXT] lonratsrv.pm 1.39 15 years albertel - bunch of \w replacements
[TXT] lonsequence.pm 1.32 14 years albertel branches: 1.32.2; - the sorting of the resources in the maps is really really s...
[TXT] lonuserstate.pm 1.127 14 years albertel - eliminate double declaration
[TXT] lonwrapper.pm 1.28 14 years www branches: 1.28.2; Bug #5642: Adjust top frame to icon mode
[TXT] map.pm 1.10 14 years albertel - the existing map flattening was very slow this preserves most orderings while ...

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