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Current directory: [LON-CAPA] / rat

Current tag: stable_2001_fall

File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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[TXT] lonpage.pm 1.28 21 years albertel -no need to generate </meta> if the <meta> has a />
[TXT] lonuserstate.pm 1.24 21 years www Access to "no-URL" is allowed.
[TXT] lonratparms.pm 1.7 21 years www Brings up parameter window
[TXT] lonratsrv.pm 1.15 21 years www Bugfix - quotes need to be escaped
[TXT] lonratedt.pm 1.4 21 years www Checks if directory exists
[TXT] lonsequence.pm 1.4 22 years www Fixed bug in "last known" resource
[TXT] lonambiguous.pm 1.3 22 years www Further work on flipping pages
[TXT] lonpageflip.pm 1.17 21 years www Handles /adm/wrapper and gives friendlier message and beginning and end of cours...
[TXT] lonwrapper.pm 1.3 21 years www Works now except for page flip.

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