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[TXT] LON-CAPA.developers.manual.lyx 1.1 19 years bowersj2 Using CVS as FTP... ;-P Intending to work on this file on my home system; will ...
[TXT] author.manual.texxml 1.10 17 years felicia Added section on color specification to the author manual.
[TXT] build_course_guide.tex 1.6 17 years albertel - fontenc seemed to be confusing pdf
[TXT] build_exam_guide.tex 1.11 17 years albertel - fontenc seemed to be confusing pdf
[TXT] 1.1 17 years albertel - set of commands to build the build_*_guide.tex to pdf files
[TXT] course.manual.texxml 1.11 17 years felicia Added new help files and organized sections in manual such that the cc manual co...
[TXT] developer.manual.texxml 1.5 19 years bowersj2 Meant this to just add internationalization but it looks like a whole bunch of s...
[TXT] 1.3 19 years bowersj2 Botched previous commit; needed to be a bit higher.
[TXT] 1.6 19 years albertel - apparently I can't type
[TXT] 1.19 17 years www Impossible to debug without log and tex file
[TXT] 1.1 20 years bowersj2 This commit implements the .tex-based online help system in LON-CAPA. It may be ...
[TXT] 1.3 19 years bowersj2 Seems to fix bug 1649. It seems that for a given Apache child, the first run of...
[TXT] 1.12 17 years www Bug #4015: Inserted garbage characters into TeX file for every new subsection.
[TXT] 1.3 18 years albertel - item 3) in BUG#3451, can now generate a manual from al of the help files which...

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