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\textbf{\LARGE{A Guide to Building Your Course}}
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\section*{Log In}

\item Log in with your username and password.
\item Your browser must allow JavaScript and cookies.
\item If your browser allows pop-ups, the Remote Control (Fig. 1) will appear
for navigation. If not, you can use the Inline Menu (Fig. 2) or Main
Menu (Fig. 3) to navigate.
\item Your roles should appear. You can always go back to this screen through
{[}ROLES{]} on the Remote Control or the Main Menu. 
NOTE: If you only have one role, you will bypass this screen.

\item Click the {[}Select{]} button next to the Course Coordinator role
for the course you wish to work in.
\item This course will now be displayed. 

\subsection*{Course Initialization Helper}

\item When entering your course for the first time, the Course Initialization
Helper will appear. To keep the default LON-CAPA settings, click the
{[}Next{]} button on each screen. To exit the Helper when done, click
the {[}Finish Course Initialization{]} button. You will then be directed to the Course Documents Screen. 

\section*{Course Documents {[}DOC{]}}

\item Select {[}DOCS{]} from the Remote Control or Main Menu. This will
take you to the Course Documents screen, where you can import or upload
new documents to use in your course.
\item You can use folders to organize your course in terms of Homework Sets,
Chapters, and Units. After creating a folder (Ex: Unit 1), click
on the folder icon to enter the folder and create a sub-folder (Ex:
Chapter 1).
\item You can add material to your course by importing, uploading, or creating
new resources. 
NOTE: You cannot drag and drop resources. If you add a resource to
the wrong folder, delete it and add it to the correct folder.

\subsection*{Importing Published Documents}
\item Go to the folder you want to add material to.
\item Click the {[}Import{]} button on the DOCS screen.
\item Browse published documents from the LON-CAPA resource pool.
\item Select the documents you wish to use.
\item Click the {[}Import{]} button to add documents to your course folder.
\item Finalize the order if more than one document was selected.
\item Click the {[}re-initializing course{]} button to make changes appear. 

\subsection*{Search for Published Documents}
\item Click the {[}Search{]} button to search the LON-CAPA resource pool of published documents.

\subsection*{Uploading Documents from Your Computer}

\item Go to the folder you want to add material to. Click the {[}Browse{]} button to search for documents saved to your
\item Select a file, choose a title, and click the {[}Upload Document{]}
button to import to your course. 

\subsection*{Special Documents}

\item By clicking on the corresponding button, you can add a new folder, a 
composite page, an external resource, a syllabus, a simple page, a navigate 
contents page, a simple problem, a score upload form, a bulletin board, your
personal info, and info about another user, such as an instructor or TA.
\item Clicking the {[}Navigate Contents{]} button will add a Navigate Course
Contents resource page to your course. This is a good first resource for your course because it displays all of your course contents, such as your syllabus and problems sets.

\section*{Set/Modify Course Parameters {[}PARM{]}}

\item Select {[}PARM{]} from the Remote Control or Main Menu. This will
take you to the Set/Modify Course Parameters screen. 

\subsection*{Parameter Helper}

\item The Course Assessment Parameter Helper Mode is the easiest way to
set your parameters, as it will guide you through the process step-by-step.
Using the Helper, you will be able to set the following parameters:
open date (when problems open to students), due date (when problems
are due; students cannot view problems after this date unless answer
date is set), answer date (when answers are viewable to students),
tries, and weight. 
NOTE: Changes may take up to 10 minutes to be active for all students
in your course. 

\section*{Chart Student Progress {[}CHRT{]}}

\item Select {[}CHRT{]} from the Remote Control or Main Menu. This will
take you to the Course Statistics and Chart screen, where you can
generate a chart.
\item Click the {[}Generate Chart{]} button to view the default chart for
your class.
\item You can modify this chart in terms of sections, student data, enrollment
status, sequences and folders, output format, and output data. 

\subsection*{Output format}

\item One of the options for your output is the Excel format. This will
generate an Excel 95 file: an older format that is often more compatible across various operating systems than newer formats.

\section*{Change Preferences {[}PREF{]}}

\item Select {[}PREF{]} on the Remote Control or Main Menu. This will take
you to the Change Preferences screen, where you can change your password
(if LON-CAPA takes care of checking it), your nickname or anonymous
discussion screen name, your message forward and notification addresses,
the color scheme, and the language preferences. You will also be able
to edit the personal information on the About Me screen.
\item Click on the link corresponding to what you‚d like to change, ex:
Change Screen Name
\item Make your changes and submit. 

{\epsfxsize=8in {\epsffile{graphics/build_course_guide_fig1.eps}}  


\section*{Print {[}PRT{]}}
\item The {[}PRT{]} button will only be accessible when you are looking
at one of your resources for your course.
\item Click the {[}PRT{]} button to open the print helper, which will help
you create a PDF document.

\section*{Getting Help}

\item Click on the small blue boxes with white question marks {[}?{]} for
general topic help.
\item Click on the small orange boxes with white question marks for an overview
on the help and support available.
\item Submit enhancement requests using Bugzilla at,
or by clicking on the bug icon.
\item Additional help at 

{\epsfxsize=3.75in \epsffile{graphics/build_course_guide_fig3.eps}} \\ Figure 3: Main Menu


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